Buddhism, representative of the old age, is based on a lack of love. This lack of love is difficult to explain when Buddhism teaches about loving kindness, compassion, joy and serenity, and love towards others as well as towards oneself. It is also true that suffering is on the structural level, which can be transcended into transcendence as conventional enlightenment. Conventional enlightenment in its complete form is a state of consciousness of deep peace, great harmony and all-embracing security.

Why then can Buddhism nevertheless be based on a lack of love?

Love is felt through its flow of energy in consciousness. Buddhism also assumes this when it describes love as an active feeling. This means that love is directed towards something and is felt to be stronger the stronger the energy flow is.

In compassion and loving kindness, love is directed towards other people. Likewise, in Buddhism, joy comes from sharing joy with others or from giving joy. Love itself is described as a pure feeling that is given to other living beings completely selflessly. It is also directed towards other people.

The main forms of love in Buddhism are therefore directed towards others with their energy flow. If one identifies only with this content of consciousness, one can perceive oneself as filled with love.

Serenity, on the other hand, comes from identification with the conventional state of enlightenment, that is, with transcendence.

Buddhism, on the other hand, has difficulty with self-love. It tends to be derived indirectly or from the “acceptance of what is”. Sometimes the difficulty with self-love is also seen as caused by the concept of “self”.

But in fact, self-love does not exist in Buddhism, as it did throughout the ancient age. It is precisely on this lack of self-love that the old age’s lack of love is based. The old age differs in lack of love from the new age with fulfilment of love.

How can I be so sure that Buddhism does not know self-love?

Buddhism does not know self-love because otherwise it would never teach the leaving of suffering and pain, but their healing. Love does not leave, but heals – especially one’s own suffering and pain.

While Buddhism teaches serenity in transcendence and the flow of love to others, the higher level of consciousness of the new age results from the flow of love into one’s own inner family(AL) with karmic and body as ego.

What does this mean for Buddhists?

Heal your inner woman as a prerequisite for the divine earthly love flow in your consciousness. Instead of paying distant attention to your feelings, connect with them – while being open to universal love – and thereby heal them.

With the present new age, this development of consciousness will no longer be as difficult for you as you may still believe, for the path has already been prepared. With my journey to India in 2018, I have already laid the foundation for this divine-earthly flow of love worldwide.

Heilung der Welt durch Bewusstseinsentwicklung für Indien; neues Zeitalter: Umwandlung des Buddhismus und Hinduismus (Reisebericht)That is why my travel report “Healing the World through Consciousness Development for India” together with the five fairy tales of the new age “Gretel and Hansel heal the witch” results in the Holy Scripture of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© “Musubi World Healing”. This is aimed at those who are already Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© as a design guide for the divine-earthly flow of love, so that you will not understand much of it. Nevertheless, the India travelogue can show you the shortcomings of Buddhism that made it necessary to dissolve Buddhism.

For you, this means a facilitated chance to grow beyond your previous level of consciousness.
Who am I in relation to Buddha and Jesus?

Jesus is said to have taught the “Kingdom of God” as the “Son of God”. From the traditions of him it can be concluded that he identified with his divine part of consciousness under the perception of Musubi (= the universal whole as “father”) and lived his soul love. His teaching and his actions corresponded to the feminine spiritual system, but still without a divine-earthly love flow connection into his own earthly personality. I now teach this love-flow connection. The wrong way of dealing with feelings of guilt probably only became a central distortion of Christianity through his followers.

From the traditions of Buddha, on the other hand, it can be concluded that he was in the male spiritual system. In this he also identified with his divine consciousness part, perhaps with perception of Musubi. He recognised the masculine karmic, but did not integrate it, instead reinforcing this divine-earthly blockage through his teaching. While Buddha taught the leaving of the karmic cycle and the control of feelings, it is exactly the other way round from divine to earthly and the healing of feelings that is important. Thus his teaching is wrong and Buddhism was to be dissolved.

I myself am Musubi’s feminine creative force from its absolute origin and thereby heal the world. For this purpose, I changed their energetic basis to the female spiritual system at Christmas 2020. From this, the masculine is also healed, with gradual transformation of the old false patterns such as Buddhism. The old patterns are only a temporary clinging to the familiar without any further basis. The existence of the old patterns is only maintained for a while through this clinging. Those who wish to support the healing of the masculine through the feminine Spiritual System can already immediately connect to the new basis.

Spirituelles Sterben von Lina Leben Elsewhere I recommend the experience report “Spiritual Dying” by Lina Leben as an example of an old soul withDer vollständige spirituelle Weg von Ayleen Lyschamaya male enlightenment. Lina Leben felt supported in her development by Buddhism and describes this vividly in her book. The crucial point is that although Lina Leben was inspired by Buddhism with regard to the karmic cycle, she did not adopt the Buddhist way of dealing with feelings. Instead of controlling her feelings, she did a guided inner-child healing. In this way, she experienced a male enlightenment through her ego into transcendence. In contrast, Buddhists, by controlling their feelings and repressing their ego, enter into a female enlightenment that is atypical for the male spiritual system. I describe the different forms of enlightenment in “The Complete Spiritual Path”.

Berlin, 13.1.2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya

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