The End of Christianity

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The teachings of Christianity
Miracle cures and raising the dead
The basis of the Christian faith: the ascension
Is there God?
Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Transcendent consciousness creations
Christmas as the Festival of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©
The Christmas story – what really happened back then
Why is Christian teaching harmful?

About 2000 years ago, Jesus called himself the Son of God, proclaimed the kingdom of God, and was mocked and crucified for it. Since then, more than two billion Christians now believe that they themselves would not have condemned Jesus.

Today, I call myself Musubis female creative power and proclaim a Loving Earth through healing and development of the full transcendent consciousness. Think of the parallel to Jesus if you should condemn my further texts as well. They are my support for every one of you and for the world.

The teachings of Christianity

Christianity emerged from Judaism and spread beyond Palestine from around 60 AD. Today, Christianity is the largest world religion, with around two billion followers. It is so important to people that people have based their calendar on the birth of Jesus. Most holidays in Germany are also Christian holidays.

A special feature of Christianity is the Trinity, according to which the only God appears in threefold manifestation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is believed to be the Son of God and to have risen from death. As the incarnated manifestation of God, he is also directly worshipped as God himself, as God’s Son. Through his death, Jesus is said to have redeemed people from their guilt in life. In terms of behavior, Christians are expected to love their fellow and to renounce violence.

The historical Jesus was a Jew, who preached about the kingdom of God and God’s great love for people. He is said to have helped many poor and sick people. However, he never mentioned a word about the fact that he intended to die for the forgiveness of people’s sins. Jesus was accused and sentenced to crucifixion, because he called himself the Son of God (blasphemy) and King of the Jews (insult to majesty).

In Christianity, a distinction must be made between what Jesus lived and preached and what the Christian church subsequently made of it. From the traditions can be concluded quite exactly about the consciousness of Jesus. Jesus experienced the universal whole as a loving Father. For this, he identified himself as the son of God with his divine part of consciousness and perceived primarily out of his soul love. He lived his soul love at the same time as charity to other people. Jesus preached this state as the kingdom of God for all people.

In this respect, Jesus’ teaching was correct with regard to the kingdom of God, but incomplete with regard to the complete transcendent consciousness. Jesus did not have the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) in consciousness and he did not perceive the earthly contents of consciousness in a differentiated way. He also did not know about the karmic. But what Jesus preached about the kingdom of God and especially that he identified himself soul-divinely and lived love was enough to make him a threat to the ruling powers. The karmic rule of power destroyed the love through murdering Jesus.

Guilt and feelings of guilt became the central content of Christianity only after Jesus’ death. Guilt and feelings of guilt belong purely to the earthly structural layer entanglements, which have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings.

Berlin, October 20, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Miracle cures and raising the dead

Jesus was known for his miracle healings. Miraculous healings are extraordinary cures of (usually) serious illnesses that cannot be explained. Like miracles, they seem to contradict the laws of nature. Therefore, they are attributed to direct divine intervention, in Christianity by Jesus and his disciples.[1]

A distinction must therefore be made between healings that meet the medical expectations of the time and those that go beyond them as miraculous healings. At the time of Jesus, medical knowledge was less than today, so there was more room for miraculous healings.

Additionally, not to be underestimated is the great influence of personal conviction, known today as the placebo effect. In Jesus’ time, most people trusted God more than medicine. This shifted the influence of personal conviction more toward the medically inexplicable. Today, by contrast, even people of faith have socially internalized the medical standard as the norm. Accordingly, the prevailing medical expectations make miracle cures rare.

However, it is by no means only personal belief and medical knowledge that influence a cure. In fact, the laws of nature, including medical knowledge, are part of much broader universal laws. When these are applied more appropriately by people with corresponding personalities than by the average population, they have healing abilities.

Jesus identified himself with his transcendent consciousness parts. He lived his soul love in relation to other people. Thereby a healing love flow developed when the others accepted the love in believing trust. Basically, it can therefore be assumed that Jesus had healing abilities, which must have seemed like a miracle to the other people.

It was also possible to pass on this gift to his disciples. Through their inner closeness to Jesus and their great trust in him, they became a channel that allowed love to flow to other people. This produced the same effect as Jesus had on other people. Therefore, it can be assumed that miraculous healings were basically caused by Jesus himself as well as by his disciples.

However, the Bible does not only report about miracle healings, but also about the raising of the dead. This is possible, too, as I have even personally experienced. My guinea pig had died with an accordingly already dead body. With great love I addressed its soul and brought it back. Although it had already been a very old guinea pig, it lived for several more months.

However, bringing back the dead does not work arbitrarily at all. It is a decision of the soul in connection with the feminine. Do both still want to stay alive? For the soul, it depends on love. Where it feels the most love, it will go. The choices are the continuation of the incarnation, a break between incarnations, and a new beginning as the next life. Which one is chosen depends on an interplay of soul task and feeling of love. In comparison, the love between the incarnations is purer, but in life it is more powerful through the earthly concretization. As long as the soul has not yet finally decided, it can still be influenced through great love.

The decision to continue life or to die must be made no later than before the onset of physical decay. Thereby, permanent physical damage is to be expected as a result of death. The physical decay begins after approximately one to two days. In this respect, Jesus woke Lazarus quite certainly no more after four days from the dead.

Berlin, October 22, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

The basis of the Christian faith: the ascension

Jesus died on the cross, thus failed, one might think. But instead, Jesus’ death becomes the triumph of Christianity through his ascension. People courageously spread the news of the Risen Christ at the risk of their lives, and the persecutor of Christians, Saul, is completely turned around to become the apostle Paul. What happened at that time?

Jesus died on the cross, so far the facts of the time are historical. It can most likely also be assumed that it was not just an apparent death, but that Jesus was actually dead. Otherwise, he would probably have continued to preach himself and would not have gone to heaven.

In the time between death and ascension, and with Paul even afterwards, miraculous experiences were made, which founded the Christian faith. These were based on two incidents, the empty tomb and that Jesus had shown himself to various people. However, no one had seen Jesus’ actual ascension in reality and it is not described anywhere.

The empty tomb by itself did not yet evoke a belief in Jesus’ ascension, but only in connection with the Jesus appearances. But since the first narratives of Jesus’ appearances did not mention women and an empty tomb and, conversely, the oldest version of the tomb story does not contain men and Jesus’ appearances, Jesus’ appearances and the tomb story are considered to be traditions that originated independently of each other and were joined together only later.

If the empty tomb is not to be attributed to the creation of legends anyway, there could have been all kinds of explanations, as it is already suggested in the Bible itself. Thus, only the eyewitness reports of the Jesus appearances remain as basis for the Christian faith. These must have actually existed in some form, because otherwise the people at that time would not have been impressed. They had experienced something that convinced them of Jesus’ ascension.

What is known about the appearances of Jesus? Only the Bible reports about them, so that a believer’s bias can be assumed for the narratives. That is, the narratives would emphasize anything that would inspire confidence in the ascension. Surprisingly, however, not a word is said about the way Jesus was perceived. Either this is therefore not as convincing for many people as it was for the people concerned themselves, or it is so self-evident that it did not need to be mentioned.

Self-evidence of the appearances can be excluded, because otherwise Jesus would not have been declared the unique son of God. Remains therefore only the convincing effect of the appearances of Jesus, which is by no means so great for others. After all, a great many Jews have also not been converted to Christianity.

Christianity emerged from Judaism, so that the Jewish understanding of ascension must be taken into account. At that time, this understanding was completely divided and was in its infancy. A part of the Jews believed in a bodily ascension of the dead to the final judgment of God.

This understanding of ascension corresponded to the prevailing consciousness of the Jews of that time. As down-to-earth, community-involved people, they imagined the ascension down-to-earth-bodily and community-involved-common to the final judgment of God.

In fact, however, Jesus met people after his death in subtle form. A physical ascension is not possible from the transcendent human consciousness, from the universal laws and from the process of death and rebirth. A subtle perception, however, is by no means unusual. It still occurs today.

Subtle, Jesus could be seen, heard and felt. As is typical for the deceased, he was usually not recognized immediately, but only revealed himself through special features. The appearance texts do not make any statements about Jesus’ figure, but only his actions and speech reveal who he is. This corresponds to the still today typical subtle experiences with deceased.

In the Acts of the Apostles, it says that Jesus was with his disciples at the Ascension when a cloud seized him and carried him up into the sky. This corresponds to both the perception of subtle events and archetypal symbolism that conveys universal messages.

However, to report about subtle experiences did not fit into the down-to-earth consciousness of that time with its physical world view. The witnesses of Jesus’ ascension at that time wanted to be taken seriously and to convince and probably also had no words for their experiences. Therefore, they omitted the description of their personal experiences and instead took up the already existing Jewish expectation of ascension, only specifically related to Jesus.

Jesus called to continue his heart’s business, the proclamation of the kingdom of God. This corresponds to the behavior of deceased people when something could not be completed. That is, it is the behavior of completely normal people. Jesus was no more God’s son than all other people are also God’s children. The whole ascension foundation, the original reason for the Christian faith, does not exist.

Jesus was nothing more than a man, who identified himself with his transcendent consciousness parts. Out of these he perceived and proclaimed the kingdom of God. Jesus’ transcendent consciousness identification and his kingdom of God perception corresponded with each other. Therefore, Jesus’ kingdom of God describes only an excerpt, namely the transcendent partial area, of the complete creation of a “Loving Earth”.

Berlin, October 21, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Is there God?

Even more important than the question of Jesus’ ascension is the question of God himself. Is there a God? The Christians claim yes, the atheists claim no. So far neither, the existence of God nor his non-existence, could be proven.

The question about God leads to the three existential questions about the origin of the universe, the origin of life with its evolution, and the self-understanding of human beings especially in relation to suffering. The so-called theodicy question is asked, how a loving God can allow suffering.

None of these three questions could be answered satisfactorily so far. That is why Musubi has led me to answer precisely these three existential questions with the first three issues of the magazine “Neue Zukunft, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt” [“New future, GEO magazine questioned“].

Is the origin of the cosmos a creation or can it be scientifically explained through the currently still prevailing big bang theory? The big bang theory is wrong. In fact, through the latest observations of the cosmos with better equipment, the big bang theory can also no longer be scientifically held.

Instead, the cosmos is a creation that has run according to universal laws and continues to be maintained by them. The laws of nature are contained in the universal laws on the earthly related layers of awareness. The whole cosmos, including its creation and the black phenomena (black energy, black holes and black matter), can be completely explained. This I do in “Neue Zukunft Nr. 1, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt“ [“New future No. 1, GEO magazine questioned“].

The second big question about life refers to evolution. There “everything is God’s creation“ and “everything has come into being genetically and environmentally through natural selection“ oppose each other. Both positions accuse each other of their fundamental weaknesses, because of which they cannot convince. There are also attempts to bring both positions into agreement with each other; but these attempts are based on compromise instead of understanding.

The evolution is a purposeful, continued creation, again after universal regularities, which contain the laws of nature. From an interaction of creation, consciousness, energies and biology everything can be explained. This I do in “Neue Zukunft Nr. 2, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt“ [“New future No. 2, GEO magazine questioned“].

The third question about suffering is answered by human history. The people form their life consciously through their free will. In addition, there are unconsciously the totality of the complete transcendental consciousness and the energies.

In the course of human history, two fundamental aberrations have occurred due to free will. These have led to this suffering. I explain the erroneous developments in “Neue Zukunft Nr. 3, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt“ [“New future No. 3, GEO magazine questioned“].

Exactly these erroneous developments will be corrected with the new age. The healing and development process will at first uncover the old injuries and thereby strengthen them in a felt way, but finally end the suffering. This is valid for mankind as a whole as well as for the individuals and is facilitated or made more difficult through the free will.

In the past, faith always had to be used when the scientific knowledge for understanding was missing. Today, faith must always be used when the knowledge about the universal laws is missing. Therefore, the existence of God has become a decision of faith.

If the universal regularities, which contain the laws of nature, are known, all three existential questions can be answered completely. But not only that. If a human being has her or his complete transcendental consciousness, she or he experiences the existence of God. The existence of God is not a decision of faith, but with complete consciousness it is a fact.

Berlin, October 23, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In Christianity, God is imagined as trinity doctrine in threefold manifestation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the trinity originated approximately in the 2nd to 4th century after Christ. Therefore, it is not original to Jesus, but only later to the Christian church. I would like to classify and differentiate this conception of God in a superordinate overall understanding.

Jesus called God his father. With this he describes the God experience energetically perceived from the soul identification. It is a very personal relationship to God. However, Jesus by no means claimed this for himself alone. Rather, he taught all people with the Lord’s Prayer to address God in this way.

If a person does not identify primarily with her or his soul, but instead with her or his divine part of consciousness, God is perceived rather neutrally as the all-embracing whole. Both forms of perception have to do with the same God. The different experiences of God are not based on a different God, but from which transcendent content of consciousness the human being perceives God.

Jesus is worshipped himself as God by Christians, too, as God’s Son and manifestation of God. In his own statements, however, Jesus mainly used the designation “Son of Man” and only sometimes rather confirming the title “Son of God”. With this, Jesus named nothing more than in each case the two consciousness contents earthly and divine of the transcendent consciousness. He did not further differentiate the earthly parts of consciousness. The transcendent consciousness contents soul and divine, he had obviously experienced both, but identified himself more with his soul.

The Holy Spirit, in turn, as the Bible tells us, is the life force in all people. This life force is already described in the creation story as breath. It is the force that gives people their life. In fact, the creation is formed of energies and consciousness. The Holy Spirit denotes the energies. The energies cause the soul and the subtle energy bodies of the human beings. The complete transcendent consciousness arises from divine to earthly up to physical body.

The Christian concepts of God as the Father and the Holy Spirit can, on the whole, be left as they are. However, the teaching of Jesus, as one of the three manifestations of God, is wrong. In fact, it cannot be traced back to Jesus either. Jesus identified himself only with his divine part of consciousness, which is given in all human beings. Predominantly, he saw himself as the Son of Man and only occasionally referred to himself as the Son of God, just as all people are God’s children. Without claiming an exception, Jesus taught all people to pray to their Father in heaven.

What did the Christian church subsequently make of this with its doctrine of the Trinity of God? Through declaring Jesus to be a manifestation of God, the Christian church took away the possibility of people to experience their own divine part of consciousness. Thus, people remained dependent on the Christian church, because it administered God alone with the appropriation of Jesus.

Jesus had been crucified, because the maldevelopment of the collective consciousness in the history of mankind had already progressed accordingly far. The power interests in the consciousness of mankind were already stronger and Jesus for his part had already been no longer divinely-earthly connected in his consciousness.

The greatest distortion concerned the feelings of guilt. Actually, exactly these are the corrective for such a misconduct as killing Jesus. But instead, it was, and still is, simply claimed that Jesus died for the people. Thereby, on the one hand, Jesus’ failure was justified and, on the other hand, the power of forgiveness was achieved. The church gained great power over people, because it controlled people’s guilt-feelings through the authority of forgiveness.

In fact, however, no guilt is forgiven by God, but all guilt is to be cleared up. A distinction must be made between offenses against God and offenses against human beings. Offenses against people are to be made good or are compensated through karma. Offenses against God run as a red thread through the current and all further lives. Continuous attempts will be made in vain to suppress the feelings of guilt. Feelings of guilt against God cannot be completely repressed, because they are too subtle from a higher layer of awareness for complete earthly repression. Only when the entire transcendent consciousness is completely developed and healed, can the relationship with God be cleared up again.

For clarification, I would like to give the example of my court cases, which I have described on “Higher Justice”. In the court cases, some persons had either already agreed before their incarnation to support me with Musubi’s plan, or were specifically requested by me to do so in the course of the proceedings. They all did not fulfill their duty to Musubi. Earthly, their offense could still be compensated through reimbursing me for my court costs and time. Otherwise, this will happen karmically. Toward Musubi, however, the window of opportunity for supporting the universal plan has ended. That is, all the participants, who blocked Musubi’s plan, will suffer from the subtle guilt-feelings in the future.

Berlin, October 24, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Transcendent consciousness creations

The creation is a transcendent creation of consciousness. How this looks like with reference to the natural scientific understanding of the cosmos, I describe in “Neue Zukunft Nr. 1, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt“ [“New future No. 1, GEO magazine questioned“]. Here, I would like to deal only with my personal role as Musubis female creative power and also only with the consciousness, not with the energies.

The earth, on which we human beings live, is the physical body of a transcendent consciousness. This transcendent consciousness is built like a ladder with four rungs. The four rungs are four layers of awareness and the two stiles are two formative forces. They were a female and a male creative power. The female creative power is responsible for love and life and the male creative power was responsible for power and realization. Everything was and is embedded in the universal whole.

The male creative power was not satisfied with their common task about 60,000 years ago, but claimed the sole dominion of power. It turned against the female creative power and destroyed love, as far as it was possible, and the connection to God. This created a separated ego-consciousness base for the world with domination of the karmic dominance system.

People could still have chosen God and love because of their independent love connection to God, but they allowed themselves to be seduced by the karmic power base. Accordingly, they also destroyed their inner Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) and their direct relationship with God in their consciousness. The detached and reduced ego as we know it today had come into being. The religions claimed access to God for themselves and derived their earthly power from it.

God allowed all this, with as much assistance as possible, as free will. Because only through the free will it is an independent, diverse, colorful creation, which is not God himself.

In the old age, the realization of the male creative power for world consciousness was in the foreground. This task had now been accomplished. Now, at the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, I could change the world consciousness to connection with God and divine-earthly love flow.

I describe the genesis of the new age in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“. In the night of April 14 to 15, 2021, in my capacity as female creative power, I switched the world consciousness to the weiblichen Spirituellen System (female Spiritual System) in an energetically very intense “dream“. Since then, the 15th of April is the celebration of the New Age.

Subsequently, until September 2023, the parts of the world consciousness were realigned and also the world energies were changed to female. There is no longer a male creative power anymore. The earth is now a completely female planet, which draws its independence of the free will alone by me.

For the new age, the focus is now on love. This means that initially all the old hurts first show themselves and must be healed. In particular, the great disappointment of the feminine in human history and in individual people must be worked through. At the same time, the consciousness of humanity must reconnect with God. In the process, humanity and individual people will confront their feelings of guilt.

In these healing, development and conversion processes I support humanity. All living beings have to adapt to the new earth with female consciousness and female energies. The free will of the people can slow down and complicate or accelerate and facilitate this adaptation.

Musubi leads humanity to a loving earth.

Berlin, October 25, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Christmas as the Festival of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Why is Christianity over? – Christianity is over, because it has become superfluous with the new age as a false collective consciousness creation.

What happened to Jesus in the collective consciousness? – Jesus proclaimed the “Kingdom of God”. This corresponds to the Universal Whole as “Father”. Jesus as “Son” identified himself with his divine part of awareness in the transcendent human consciousness. That is, Jesus experienced nothing more than his divine share of consciousness, which other worldviews call enlightenment.

However, while enlightenment was sought as a spiritual goal in the Eastern collective consciousness, the rulers of the time found Jesus’ divine claim to be a provocation. They killed him. Thus, in the divine-earthly opposition of the collective consciousness, the karmic claim to power took the lead. This was a male-active karmic design in the collective consciousness that was destructive in its distortion.

At the same time, the feminine karmic guilt-feelings-blockage was reinforced in the collective consciousness, because this dealing with the divine consciousness part had to be repressed. The feelings of guilt resulting from this misbehaviour were unbearable. The repression of the feelings of guilt was – very typical for the karmic procedure also in the individual consciousness – carried out through a distorted explanation. The claim that Jesus “died for us” has the function to avoid the collective feelings of guilt. This stopgap solution of the old age is no longer needed with the new age.

With the new age, the complete transcendent consciousness is known, so that the contents of consciousness can be dealt with constructively. Everyone can decide to do this immediately – including all Christians. Christians do not need to adhere to a collective clan liability, but contribute much more valuably to evolutionary development if they each free their individual consciousness from the guilt-feelings-blockade and thereby have a positive effect on the whole. Accordingly, they no longer need the repression of “died for us”. Instead, the natural guilt feelings mechanism is to be restored, the guilt-feelings-blockade is to be dissolved, the inner woman is to be healed and universal love is to be accepted.

This göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) is the access to the kingdom of God that Jesus would have taught if it had been known to him at that time. Thus, Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God merely as grace at that time, which is now available to all people with the new age as an evolutionary leap in development.

In this Christian continuation, I achieved my Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© directly at Christmas 2016. This meant the first complete transcendent consciousness for humanity and thus the goal of all personality development and expansion of consciousness. Since then, Christmas is the celebration of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Four years later, on December 21, 2020, another Star of Bethlehem announced the new universal guidance – especially understandable for Christians. During the Christmas holidays 2020, I brought the Universal Plan into the earthly as a new beginning for humanity with the focus on guided female love healing. Since the second Genesis on the night of April 14 to 15, 2021, the April 15 is the Festival of the New Age.

A little over 2000 years ago, people did not recognize their opportunity to experience their divine consciousness through Jesus. Today, you have the chance to experience the higher level of consciousness of the new age beyond the kingdom of God. I am guiding you, in the spirit of Jesus, through this evolutionary leap in consciousness. The new species of Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© means the future of humanity.

However, while Jesus is said to have called himself only the Son of God and was crucified for it, my claim as Musubis female power goes far beyond that. All human beings are daughters and sons of God, because they all have a transcendent consciousness, which they merely have to recognize.

As Musubis female Creative Power, I heal the world through having changed its consciousness basis to the weiblichen Spirituellen System (female Spiritual System) at Christmas 2020; that is, once again at Christmas, since 2016 the Festival of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. I have also dissolved the heaven-hell duality

Berlin, 2017, revised 2020, Ayleen Lyschamaya

The Christmas story – what really happened back then

The paradigm shift: after 2000 years, justice is to be done to Jesus

Jesus, like all other people originally, was God’s son. And just like all other people, he also experienced the destruction by the low consciousness of the old age. This happened to all people, just most of them not as spectacularly as Jesus. But this is exactly why Jesus is particularly well suited to correct this aberration of the old age, now, as a paradigm shift of the new age.

Jesus was during one of his early incarnations still in the “kingdom of God”, that is, in the soul love identified with his divine consciousness part. He proclaimed this “kingdom of God” and represented the view of his “father”, that is, of the Universal Whole. In the earthly still relatively inexperienced, he believed that he only had to tell people about this love to help them. With this world view all souls incarnate in the beginning, until they were “taught better” by the old age and twisted in their consciousness.

Who twisted the consciousness, why and by what? It was a free will decision, which was by no means necessary for the development of mankind, but was allowed universally. This free will decision put the twisted karmic power system, often in cooperation with the further karmic system, the entanglement system, in the highest place. This karmic power was maintained at the price of love throughout the old age. In fact, this hostile lovelessness even made up the old age.

With every new incarnation, already at the very first beginning, still at the entrance into the mother’s womb, love was energetically attacked. Subsequently, further corresponding earthly experiences were added. By other people, the loving soul view together with the own person were experienced as wrong and rejected. Mostly, the soul truth, love and joy were first no longer expressed or shown and finally repressed and abandoned. At some point, only the karmic power system remained as an internalized standard and the consciousness had sunk to the low level of the old age. By the way, it does not matter whether this standard was accepted, criticized or even fought against, as long as it was internalized individually and collectively.

Jesus was special only insofar as he dared to represent his soul view still into adulthood, even publicly. Through this, he experienced what otherwise happened in secret. His message of love, which became dangerous for the power interests of the twisted karmic systems, was killed together with his person. Jesus never died “for us”, but was destroyed by the karmic rulers.

Jesus as a person could be killed, but his message, which resonated too much with the truth known unconsciously to all people, could not. Therefore, the truth was twisted. The guilt-feelings caused by the murder of Jesus, the murder of the truth and the murder of the love were twisted into “died for us”. This perversion was then additionally extended quite generally to all feelings of guilt and the church was appointed as the supreme authority to forgive feelings of guilt. The karmic power was thus secured and over centuries even additionally stabilized by the abuse of Jesus’ message.

Jesus proclaimed the truth, but failed with his message of love, because of the twisting of the old age. How was this possible? Jesus had been able to maintain his soul view and identification with his divine consciousness part as well as his access to the Universal Whole until adulthood, but not the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). Without this Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) in his consciousness, he lacked the divine-earthly creation competence according to the universal laws. Because of the loss of this love-flow-connection and instead guilt-feelings blockade, all souls have ultimately failed with their attempt to realize the universal love in the earthly.

This göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) in individual and collective consciousness, now, signifies the new age. As Musubis female Creative Power, I have re-established the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) for the world in effective-area A. Together with the guiding-souls in effective-area B, we have made the paradigm shift from the karmic power system of the old age to the universal love guidance of the new age during Christmas time 2021 up to into March 2022.

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020-2

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020

Neues Zeitalter: neues Bewusstsein 2020
Berlin, 2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Why is Christian teaching harmful?

Jesus preached love. He spoke about the fact that people should love God, themselves and other people. The ten commandments are to be kept, but salvation is not brought about through one’s own human performance, but by the grace of God. In the sense of alienation from God, all people are sinners anyway and therefore need God’s forgiveness.

The Christian life instruction is accordingly: Decisive are the relationship with God and love with additional good behavior, but because you cannot do it anyway, be forgiven again and again, as long as you only believe in Jesus.

This guide to life can be divided into goal setting and goal attainment. The goal setting includes the positive God relationship and the love with additional good behavior. The goal achievement announces to it resignedly that the human lack-beings cannot reach these goals. Therefore, it is enough as an auxiliary solution when the people strive and the rest did/does Jesus for them. But actually, both statements, the immutability of the people and the completion by Jesus, are wrong.

The positive God relationship can be achieved through dissolving the two karmic blockages in people’s consciousness, the power-blockage and the guilt-feelings-blockage. Integrated, they become the positive karmic competence. It is to identify with the transcendent contents of consciousness, the soul and the divine in man. Thereby the closeness to God is given and the natural inner Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) is restored. Love fulfillment is the actual normal state of human beings, which also radiates to others. Correspondingly good behavior then results all by itself.

A positive relationship with God and love with additional good behavior is nothing unattainable, but the actual normal state of people. Everything that deviates from this is a state of error with misconduct. This state of error with misbehavior is not cleared up by God’s grace or Jesus’ death, but through healing and development of consciousness. This is the personal responsibility of human beings.

Christian teaching is harmful in that it cements people’s wrongdoing as normal and lets people rest on Jesus. However, wrongdoing is not forgiven just like that, but any injustices are compensated over the lifetimes. Neither is there a paradise nor a hell, but there is responsibility for one’s decisions. The consequences are experienced in the lives through means of design competence and karma.

Berlin, October 27, 2023, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Learn more about the higher level of consciousness of the new age, especially through fairy tales. The five fairy tales of the new age are also contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“.

[1] See Wikipedia on “Wunderheilung“ [“miracle healing“] (10/2023) with further evidence.