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The complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)] is also about psychical healing. Dealing with one’s own feelings is particularly important. I would like to show you a video of the Guru Anssi Antila, who claims to experience healing. Is this, what he is showing you, really psychic healing?

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Guru Anssi Antila (see also Guru Anssi Antila in the review by Matthias Pöhm) allows his painful feelings. This is a prerequisite for psychical healing. Accordingly, his reliving of old sadness and despair is an important step in the right direction. His open-minded attitude towards all feelings is the basis on which psychical healing can work.

However, after this positive entry into dealing with his feelings, Guru Anssi Antila does not continue with healing. He merely lives out his feelings in order to let the associated energies flow away. With karmic-energetic less strong personality structures (in still rather early soul age) it is thereby possible to reach the underlying pleasant divine feelings. This is how Guru Anssi Antila’s living out of his feelings ends in universal harmony.

But, healing has not happened in this video, because Guru Anssi Antila has merely gone through his feelings without, however, bringing about a healing change in his consciousness. Psychic healing means becoming whole and complete, with new healthy personality structures. In addition, there is body healing (for example, as a cure for Lyme disease).

Healing of one’s own earthly personality structure takes place on the first and second stages of the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. On the first section of the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, the inner family(AL) is healed with psychotherapeutic, coaching and spiritual methods (Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL)/Coaching(AL)). I explain this in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“.

For healing, Guru Anssi Antila would have had to feel inside himself to find out, which of his personality parts (see the inner family(AL)) was originally hurt. Is it his inner child or is it his inner woman? Accordingly, his inner child and/or inner woman must be comforted.

For example, if Guru Anssi Antila’s despair was stored in him through early childhood lack of love, his inner child must now have the new experience of love in order to be healed. At the same time, his inner parents must learn to give loving care to his inner child. Only this permanent change in consciousness means healing.

On the second stage of the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, the blockage between Divine and earthly in consciousness (halfway point of evolution) is removed, so that universal love flows directly into the earthly personality structure. The inner family(AL) experiences this direct universal love and is thereby healed even further beyond the psychotherapeutic/coaching methods. At the same time, only an already largely healthy psyche can cope with the direct universal love, so that the complete Guilt feelings-dll-practice© may only be applied to the already pre-healed personality of older souls and instantly to New Age souls.

Conclusion: Guru Anssi Antila teaches a positive attitude towards one’s feelings, but did not heal them in his video.

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