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Chakra Cleansing to get to know

Chakra-Wellness(AL) in Berlin Pankow with chakra energy cards for healing energies, accompanying beneficial chakra incense fragrance and still water energised with healing seal.

Chakra wellness in Berlin Pankow: chakra energy cards, chakra incense sticks, water energised with healing seal

From the chakra energy cards you intuitively choose a support that is meaningful for you, guided by your higher self. For this purpose, a large selection of chakra energy cards from the areas of the seven main chakras, the secondary chakras, yin and yang and aura cards (energy body) are available to you. This healing information will accompany you through your chakra relaxation. A soothing chakra incense fragrance selected to match your energy card has a positively reinforcing effect.

Overview of the different groups of chakra energy cards
Energie-Karten Aura
Energy Cards Aura
Energie-Karten Hauptchakras
 Energy Cards Main Chakras
Energie-Karten Nebenchakras
Energy Cards Minor Chakras






Energie-Karten Yin und Yang
Energy Cards Yin and Yang


energetisiertes Wasser
energized water with healing seal


During your chakra relaxation we will energise still water with the healing seal of your chakra energy card so that you conclude your chakra wellness(AL) with a subtle cleansing drink.

The chakra energy cards work on the subtle levels of consciousness in the same way as I describe for Lyme disease healing. Therefore they can be well complemented by Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL). Chakra Energy Cards and Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) belong to the first section of the complete spiritual path. You can get a first overview through “Books Spiritual Path”. In addition, the Chakra Energy Cards, like the Tarot Cards, can also provide valuable information on the other sections of the complete spiritual path and for the Am-Destination Enlightened (AL).

Further to out-of-body experiences / astral journeys

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nach Ayleen Lyschamaya

according to Ayleen Lyschamaya