Spiritual Psychotherapy ‒ body psychotherapy in Berlin

Body psychotherapy is valuable on the first stage of the complete spiritual path in several ways:

– Body psychotherapy for cognition

– Body psychotherapy for healing

– Body psychotherapy for behavioural change

– Body psychotherapy as access to the inner family(AL)

Personality patterns and feelings as well as past experiences and the inner family(AL) as such are stored in the body. This can be used in several ways.

The physical condition gives psychological clues. If you pay attention to them, you gain valuable insights. The repressed feelings stored in the body become accessible again, especially through bioenergetic exercises, and can thus be healed. Behavioural change can be practised particularly well as a demarcation in body psychotherapy. In addition, the individual inner family members (inner child, inner woman and inner man) can be addressed directly through the body.

In this accompanying video to my basic work “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The Inner Family” I show body exercises from minute 4:10. However, these are only intended to give you an impression and should not be carried out on your own, because they produce psychological effects that you also have to be able to deal with.