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Recommendations following Chakra-Wellness(AL)

Ayleen mit Bokoma
Bokoma: Energy of the crown chakra

In order to achieve an optimal, lasting positive after-effect of Chakra-Wellness(AL), I recommend the following behaviors:

Drink a lot
Drink as much as possible after Chakra-Wellness(AL), preferably mineral water, juices or fruit tea, (please avoid black tea, coffee and alcohol).

Allow spirituality to take effect
Chakra-Wellness(AL) is a deep relaxation on a spiritual basis that will continue to have an effect. Therefore, after Chakra-Wellness(AL), allow yourself to rest, so that the chakra harmonisation can unfold optimally. A nice walk in nature, listening to pleasant music or a cleansing bath with Dead Sea bath salt are especially recommended. (Negative images, e.g. from television, should be avoided, because these would be particularly strongly imprinted after Chakra-Wellness(AL)).

Allow feelings to have an effect
In the after-effect of Chakra-Wellness(AL), feelings can arise that are part of the natural cleansing process of chakra harmonisation. Mostly pleasant feelings arise, but sometimes tingling, restlessness or other feelings that want to dissipate temporarily show up in the course of the cleansing. Simply allow your feelings to flow out in a loving and cleansing way. With well-being, inner security and balance up to joy and bliss, enjoy this state with pleasure and share it with people dear to you. Pass on your positive radiance and inner happiness to other people.

Use Dead Sea Salt
After Chakra-Wellness(AL), treat yourself to a bath with Dead Sea bath salt or use Dead Sea shower gel to continue the chakra cleansing process.

My wish for you
Enjoy Chakra-Wellness(AL) as an interesting spiritual experience with soothing relaxation and use the after-effects of the chakra harmonisation for a permanently better quality of life.

Spiritual path
Complementary to chakra clearing, Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) respectively Consciousness Coaching(AL) can be a first step on the complete spiritual path. Tarot cards can also provide valuable guidance.

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nach Ayleen Lyschamaya
according to Ayleen Lyschamaya