duration of Spiritual Psychotherapy

Please note: I no longer offer Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL), but I am happy to refer you to my Consciousness Coaches of Am-Ziel-Enlightenment(AL).


How long is Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) in Berlin expected to last?

One-off offers in Berlin:

For some of my offers, such as tapping acupressure (head acupressure), couple counselling (couple structure analysis), past life therapy, chakra wellness and spiritual life counselling, a single appointment is usually sufficient. This usually lasts one hour for tapping and life counselling. For chakra wellness and couples counselling one and a half to two hours are to be expected and for a past life therapy about three hours are to be planned.


Ongoing offers in Berlin:

Arbeitsmaterial in der Spirituellen Psychotherapie

Working material in Spiritual Psychotherapy

My Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) usually lasts about half a year with regular weekly or fortnightly appointments. During this time a lot of positive changes can already be made. Ultimately, however, it is entirely your decision how long you want my support, because there is no contractual obligation, but you are free to make another appointment with me at any time.

Permanent offers in Berlin:

I accompany spiritually seeking people on their spiritual path (see also books spiritual path) until they reach the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung(AL). Often these are soul agreements between us that continue beyond.


Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungNew Age as Evolutionary Leap of Consciousness: The Healed and Transcended Inner Family(AL)Connected with Conventional Enlightenment as Final Enlightenment(AL)