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Erasing Guilt – Living Love – Practice©[1]
Guilt Feelings ILI – Practice©[1]

The “Delete Guilt Feelings – Live Love – Method©”, in short “Guilt Feelings – Life Practice©”, is a spiritual method that claims[2] to completely dissolve guilt feelings on a new spiritual level and to replace them with love. It was conceived by me and is described in my book “Dissolving Guilt Feelings Completely”. Guilt reduction in Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) has a somewhat less high standard[2].

neues Zeitalter: die Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©Guilt in Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Guilt feelings are so distressing that attempts are made to cope with them in a wide variety of conscious and unconscious ways. Conscious attempts include, for example, forgiveness and relaxation exercises, and unconscious mechanisms include, in particular, repression and guilt shifting.

As a result, a subjectively felt relief from guilt is certainly possible, but the guilt feelings are not completely resolved because the underlying principle of the guilt feelings is not taken into account. In fact, the guilt problem extends beyond this one life and is passed on from generation to generation.

Only when the underlying guilt mechanisms, which affect the entire human relationship formation, are recognised and the highest spiritual self-healing powers are connected, is a complete elimination of the guilt problem possible.

The Erase Guilt – Live Love – Procedure© is based on affirmations that are specifically anchored in the higher layers of consciousness, so that they cannot be compared to the usual affirmation experiences, but produce much more intense effects. In addition, the Schuldgefühle-lLl-Praktik© proceeds step by step according to the natural spiritual development process. Thus, first the guilt feelings of the present, past and previous lives are erased and then replaced by different approaches to love up to the complete flow of love.

In the meantime, I am also offering the Erasing Guilt – Living Love – Method© as a training.

In this respect, the Erasing Guilt – Living Love – Method© contains three possibilities. First, the feelings of guilt can be reduced therapeutically and thus support other psychotherapeutic measures. Subsequently, the Guilt-Loading-Practice© can be continued spiritually until complete self-love is achieved. Finally, there is the possibility of training in the Erasing Guilt – Living Love – Procedure©.

Guilt feelings in children

An aid to learn to deal with feelings of guilt are the fairy tales of the new age, Gretel und Hänsel heilen die Hexe - Kinderespecially the second fairy tale “Stepmother and wise old woman”. Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© Christine tells how parents can set the course for a healthy development into the higher level of consciousness of the new age right from the start with the upbringing of their children.

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[2] This statement refers to experiences in individual cases and has not been proven by scientific studies. Therefore, success cannot be expected with certainty and harmful effects cannot be ruled out. Furthermore, the spiritual practices are only to be applied by healthy persons or to healthy persons and contain spiritual-psychological risks and chances in equal measure.

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