What kind of personality type are you?

Personality Test – Inner Family(AL)

With your personality structure you face the challenges of your life. Are you (regardless of your biological sex) more of an inner-woman or inner-man personality or perhaps more of an inner-woman-man personality? This results in a very specific world view that shapes your entire life.

And what about your partner? Opposites often attract, but do you understand each other? If you know your own personality structure and that of your partner, you will be more appreciative of your own qualities and those of the other person, and more understanding of the inevitable shortcomings of yourself and the other person. Learn to distinguish: What is unintentional or intentional misbehaviour and where can the other person not help it because he/she has a different personality structure and world view than you? Is there a way to use each other’s strengths and at the same time find a workable compromise for the weaknesses? I am happy to support you with couple counselling.

Get to know your inner family(AL), heal it if necessary through Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) and understand the behaviour of other people.

The 10-question personality test

If you want to find out whether you are more of an inner-woman, inner-man or inner-woman-male personality, please answer the following 10 questions:

1) Are you more
a) spontaneous and multitasking or
b) determined and consistent?

2) Do you prefer to talk about
a) personal topics or
b) factual topics?

3) Do you tend to make decisions based on your
a) feeling or
b) reason?

4) Do you prefer
a) languages or
b) science?

5) What is more important for you on dates,
a) being with the other people or
b) the activity together?

6) Are you mainly
a) for other people or
b) for yourself?

7) Do you prefer to be
a) connected or
b) be superior to them?

8) When you are not feeling well, what do you do?
a) You talk it out with someone or
b) you withdraw to be alone.

9) What is more important to you,
a) family or
b) your job?

10) How do you prefer to shop?
a) You look here and there and then you already think of what you want to buy or
b) You stick to a shopping list.


If mainly a) applies to you, you are an inner woman personality, if mainly b) your inner man dominates. If the decision is often very difficult for you or if a) and b) are more or less equal, you are an inner-woman-man personality.

I would be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation how you can best shape your life with your individual personality structure and what further development possibilities there are for you and/or your relationship. Above all, your personality structure is of fundamental importance for your personal spiritual path. You can find out exactly what this means for you in my blog Spiritual Path to Final Enlightenment(AL). You are also welcome to read my consciousness analyses of spiritual masters and gurus to learn even more about the transcendent consciousness of human beings.

In addition, my special videos for support on the complete spiritual path to Final Enlightenment(AL) are aimed at all personality structures equally. You only need to watch my “Meditation of the Levels of Consciousness” and my singing bowl rituals for the different stages on the complete spiritual path to experience the positive effects.

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