Do aliens exist? Who are the Lygyl?

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The question of aliens interests many people, far beyond science fiction, both privately and professionally. Thereby, the answer to the question of extraterrestrial life is approached in different ways.

One approach is to investigate reported contact experiences with non-human intelligence. This is the method used by a worldwide network of organizations that deal with extraterrestrials. The network assumes the existence of aliens and attempts to explain their origin. Extraterrestrial civilizations, visitors from another space-time structure and time travelers are considered possible.

Another alien approach ties in with national security. The US Department of Defense has its own authority for UFO sightings. Its website contains a reporting option for suspicious observations without violating military secrecy. The reporting option is therefore aimed in particular at pilots. Military objects are suspected as the main explanation for the UFOs.

Scientists are discussing the possibility that terrestrial life did not originate on Earth, but was brought to Earth through asteroids. In this case, extraterrestrial life forms could be similar to terrestrial life forms. However, completely different life forms could also have developed independently of Earth. The search is for celestial bodies that could be suitable for extraterrestrial life. According to the probability calculation, it is assumed that aliens exist in the observable universe.

Yet another alien approach is based on earthly conditions. Some buildings from the past are a mystery. It is unknown how they were created and, in some cases, what purpose they served. These structures include the pyramids of Egypt, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge and the large stone figures on Easter Island. There is speculation that they could be the work of extraterrestrials. Crop circles are also one of these phenomena.

There are also attempts to make direct contact with the aliens. For example, space probes have been equipped with information about humanity and television has been sent into space via antenna. In addition, radio signals are being searched for that could originate from intelligent extraterrestrial life in foreign solar systems.

As diverse as the various considerations on aliens may appear at first glance, they all have one thing in common: from the current human consciousness, the outside is interpreted in terms of aliens. In fact, however, once again the solution lies in our own consciousness. From the experience of my own consciousness as part of the universal whole consciousness, questions about aliens can be answered.

What many people already assume, namely that aliens exist, can be confirmed. There are aliens, but they do not yet want contact with humans (as of 12/2023), because the level of human consciousness is still too low. The aliens are extraterrestrial civilizations that will visit Earth when humans have become more loving.

Furthermore, there are subtle beings that populate the entire universe. They already live together with us also on earth and are just not perceived by many people. As one of these subtle beings, angels are among them. For example, as guardian angels they have a personal relationship with humans.

Moreover, there are the Lygyl, who, strictly speaking, are not aliens. In fact, the Lygyl lived together with us on this earth until around the beginning of the advanced civilizations. But then humans became too hostile for them, so they no longer incarnated.

In future, however, the Lygyl will incarnate again, initially biologically as human children. Starting from human biology, the bodies of the Lygyl will gradually adapt to their Lygyl consciousness, because every body is always the expression of consciousness.

The humans and the Lygyl have an equal consciousness of realization. They will live together lovingly on earth.

There they are:

Dear parents of Lygyl children, you are not alone in this new situation. I will offer a Lygyl counseling group as soon as several parents no longer assume that their children are miracle babies or premature babies, but have recognized their children as Lygyl.

However, not only parents, but also all other people, please contact me if you are interested in a Lygyl counseling group. You are welcome in the Lygyl counseling group, too, because you will all be living together with the Lygyl.

If you are interested in the Lygyl advisory group, please contact me on Facebook, because I will set it up there: