Gretel and Hansel ‒ the Healing

The consciousness parts of a fully recognised, experienced and from Divine to Earthly aligned transcendent consciousness with love flowing through oneself to others and the characters of the fairy tales “Gretel and Hansel” and “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” (cf. Gretel and Hansel, Ayleen Lyschamaya, 2020).

Hello? 🙂 Are you there? Can you hear me well? … Pssst … I want to tell you something – I want to tell you about transcendent consciousness. It is composed of the universal whole, the soul or the divine consciousness, the love flow connection and the inner family with inner child, inner woman, inner man, karmic competence and body as conscious ego. In the new fairy tales about Gretel and Hansel, transcendent consciousness can be experienced in a playful way. It is simply fun to read the fairy tales. They do you good and invite you to join Gretel and Hansel, the witch and the stepmother on a journey into your own consciousness. In the following, the consciousness parts are described so that you can better imagine them and build the bridge to the fairy tales.

The universal whole

The Universal Whole is the finest and highest part of consciousness and is symbolised in the fairy tales by the wind. The wind is omnipresent, it transports a breath, a foreboding, yes – a deep knowledge from far away, when we feel it on our skin or when it runs through our hair.

The divine part of consciousness

In the fairy tale, the soul or the divine part of consciousness is brought to life by the wise old woman. Gretel heals her with her tears, thus transforming her existence as a witch into a lovingly knowing old woman with a divine connection.

The love flow connection

The love flow connection can only be developed through the dissolution of the inner woman’s guilt-feelings block. In the fairy tale “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman”, the stepmother sets out on the journey to the wise old woman. Before setting out on her journey, she suffers deep feelings of guilt because she left the children (at that time) in the forest. Finally she decides to start the journey and finds healing affirmations on the way. After she has completely dissolved her guilt blockade with the help of the rhymes, she reaches the wise old woman. Her love flow connection is established.

The inner family as part of the conscious ego

The conscious ego is made up of the inner child, inner woman, inner man, the adult personality parts each with karmic competence, and the body. Gretel and Hansel together form the inner child. The inner woman is found as a personality part in the mother and in the role of stepmother. The inner man is symbolised by the father. Together they are the inner family with earthly creative competence. Earthly creative competence is the result of transformed karmic blockages of the inner woman and the inner man. It can be sensed in the fairy tales as peaceful lightness.

Could I make you curious? What access do you have to your inner family?

Do you know your inner wise old woman?

Berlin, March 2021, by Saskia, Consciousness Coach of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Is the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” still relevant? Is this fairy tale still educationally valuable today?

Fairy tales in general are still of great importance as transmitters of important messages of consciousness. Fairy tales are an effective form of passing on consciousness content to other people.

Nevertheless, no, because the content that the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” conveys is harmful to development. That is why the universe has led me to revise “Hansel and Gretel” and to convey the consciousness content of the new age to you through new fairy tales.

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch – the five fairy tales of the new age for children and adults

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, case laminate: ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, paperback: ISBN 978-3-949401-33-6

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, e-book: ISBN 978-3-949401-34-3

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Gretel and Hansel heal the witch – the five fairy tales of the new age for children and adults

This collection of fairy tales conveys for children and adults the higher level of consciousness of the new age. It explains the symbolism of the fairy tales, what messages they contain and what development of consciousness they promote. In addition, there are fairy tale songs as well as interactives for the whole family; for example, quizzes, search pictures, deeper meaning, comic illustration and key scene interpretations.

Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, with at the same time smaller font and thus more delicate energy, has the paperback edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-33-6. [Or: Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, but with at the same time larger font and thus more earthly energy, has the hardcover edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9.]

Recommendation: pedagogically valuable for children from 3 years.

The first fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” was illustrated in particular by Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© Petra Möbius:

Turn of the times: the consciousness of the new age<i><span style="color: #7b27ac;">Neues Zeitalter: Heilung der Welt durch Bewusstseinsentwicklung für Indien</span></i>

19e-The fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” as “Gretel and Hansel” of the Final-Enlightenment(AL) With the revision of the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” into “Gretel and Hansel” I would like to pass on to the people the level of consciousness of the new age of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. The new age of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© means the healing of the feminine for the connection of Divine to earthly.

The conventional message of “Hansel and Gretel” was: destroy the feminine. I go into this in my video “The 7 biggest spiritual errors”. The fairy tale should therefore no longer be used in its original form because it harms personality development both individually and in society as a whole. This erroneous development was to be corrected according to the universal plan. In this, the rewritten fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” plays an important role. I explain below how the revised fairy tale now supports the complete spiritual path.

So that you can comfortably use and pass on the revised fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel”, I have compiled a PDF file “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” for you. It contains both the new fairy tale text and the new song text. In addition, I will read “Gretel and Hansel” to you personally in the following video. You can also find the fairy tale text below.


“Gretel and Hansel” – healing setting in 432 Hertz

1.Focus on healing

Song: Petra Möbius , Music: Sascha Herwig, Text: Ayleen Lyschamaya

The Song of Gretel and Hansel

The song of Gretel and Hansel

Gretel and Hansel were deeply in the woods.
There, in the darkness they didn´t feel so good.
They reached a candy cottage that could be crispy-croused.
| : Who do you think was the owner of the house? : |

Yoo-hoo! A woman is looking out to both.
She lures the children inside the little house.
She pretended to be friendly, o Hansel will be dead!
| : She wants to bake him in oven brown as bread! : |

But as the water flows into herself,
Gretel and Hansel had cured her with their help.
The old was speedy healing, the children went back home,
| : now is the story of Gretel and Hans done. : |



2. Focus on personality development


Song: Sascha Herwig, Music: Sascha Herwig, Lyrics: Ayleen Lyschamaya (meaning of the name).

Turn of the times: Gretel and Hansel – Fairy tale text of the new age

Once upon a time, a family lived on the edge of a large, dark forest. The father was a poor woodcutter who had remarried after the early death of his first wife. From his first marriage came two lively children. The girl was called Margarete and the boy Hans. However, everyone knew the bright two only by their nicknames Gretel and Hansel. The woodcutter’s second wife tried to take care of her stepfamily, but felt overwhelmed by the task.

The family was very poor and after an additional special payment they had no money left for food. The father tossed and turned in bed with worry, sighed and said to his wife, “What is to become of us? How can we feed our children since we have nothing left for ourselves?” Both were very sad and thought long and hard about how they could improve their situation after all. The woman suggested borrowing money from relatives, neighbours and friends, but they themselves barely had enough to survive.

Finally, the woman said very sadly, “You know what, man, tomorrow morning, bright and early, let’s take the children out to the forest where it is thickest. There we’ll light a fire for them and give them each another piece of bread. Then we’ll go about our work and leave them alone.” With tears in her eyes, the woman continued, “May God protect the children. We will pray for them every day.” “No, woman,” the man replied, “I won’t. How could I bring myself to leave my children alone in the forest! The wild animals would soon come and tear them apart.” His wife replied: “Then all four of us will have to die of hunger. Have you no faith in God at all?” The parents waited a few more days in desperate hope for a miracle, but finally they decided to carry out their plan.

Gretel and Hansel had been unable to fall asleep because of hunger, so they had listened to the parents’ conversation. Gretel wept bitter tears and said to Hansel, “Now it’s all over for us.” “No, Gretel,” Hansel reassured his sister, “I have an idea.” And when the parents had fallen asleep, Hansel got up, dressed, opened the front door and crept out. He looked around and discovered white pebbles shining in the moonlight. Hansel bent down and put as many of them as he could get into his trouser pockets. Then he crept back into the house and whispered to Gretel: “Be of good cheer, dear little sister, and go to sleep, God will not leave us.

When the day dawned, before the sun had risen, the woman came and woke the children: “Get up, you two, we want to go into the forest and fetch wood. Then she gave each of them a piece of bread and said, “This is for noon today. Don’t eat up the bread beforehand, because that’s all we have.” Gretel took the bread because Hansel had his trouser pockets full of pebbles. Then they all set off together into the dark forest.

When they had walked for a while, Hansel stopped and looked back at the house. He did this again and again. The father said, “Hansel, why are you looking and staying behind? Take care and don’t forget your legs!” “Oh, father,” answered Hansel, “I’m looking after my white kitten. It is sitting up on the roof and wants to say goodbye to me.” The woman said, “That is not your kitten, but the morning sun shining on the chimney.” Hansel, however, had not looked after the kitten, but kept throwing a pebble along the way.

When they had arrived deep in the forest, the father said, “Now gather wood, you children. I want to light a fire so that you won’t freeze.” Gretel and Hansel carried brushwood together and piled it up. The brushwood was lit and when the flame was burning, the woman said, “Now lie down by the fire, you children, and rest. We are going into the forest to cut wood. When we’ve finished, we’ll come back and fetch you.”

Gretel and Hansel sat by the fire and when noon came, they ate their bread. And because they heard the beating of the wood axe, they thought their parents were near. But it was not the wooden axe, it was a branch that the parents had tied to a scrawny tree. The wind blew it back and forth. And when the children had been sitting for so long, their eyes closed with tiredness and they fell fast asleep.

When they woke up again, it was already dark night. Gretel began to cry and asked, “How are we going to get out of the forest now?” But Hansel comforted her, “Just wait a little while until the moon has risen, and then we will find the way.” And when the full moon had risen, Hansel took his little sister by the hand and went after the pebbles. These shimmered in the moonlight and showed them the way. They walked through the whole night and came back to their parents’ house at daybreak. They were happy to have their children back safe and sound.

Not long after that, there were shortages and hardship again. And the children heard the parents discussing in bed at night that everything had been eaten up again. This time the parents wanted to lead the children even deeper into the forest so that they would not find their way out again. No matter how much they thought about it, the parents saw no other way out of their situation.

But the children had still been awake and had overheard the conversation. When the parents were asleep, Hansel got up again, wanted to go out and pick up pebbles as before. But this time the door was locked and Hansel couldn’t get out. But he comforted his little sister and said, “Don’t cry, Gretel, and just sleep peacefully, the good Lord will help us.”

Early in the morning the woman came and woke the children. They received their piece of bread, which was even smaller this time than the last. On the way to the forest, Hansel crumbled the bread in his pocket, stopping often and throwing a piece on the ground. “Hansel, why are you standing and looking around?” asked the father, “go your way!” “I’m looking after my little pigeon. It is sitting on the roof and wants to say goodbye to me,” answered Hansel. “That is not your little pigeon,” said the woman, “but that is the morning sun shining on the chimney above.” Hansel, however, gradually threw all his bread, piece by piece, on the path.

The parents led the children deeper into the forest, where they had never been before in their lives. A big fire was lit again and the stepmother said, “Just sit there, you children, and when you are tired you can sleep a little. We’ll go into the forest and cut wood. In the evening, when we have finished, we will come and fetch you.” When noon came, Gretel shared her bread with Hansel, who had scattered his on the way. Then they fell asleep and the evening passed, but no one came to the children.

They only woke up in the dark of night and Hansel comforted his little sister and said: “Just wait, Gretel, until the moon rises. Then we will see the pieces of bread that I have scattered. They will show us the way home.” When the moon came, they set off, but they found no more bread. The many birds that live in the forest and fly about in the field had pecked away everything. Hansel said to Gretel, “We will find the way.” But they did not find it. They searched all night and another day from morning till night, but they could not get out of the forest. They were very hungry, for they ate only the berries that grew on the ground. And because they were so tired that their legs no longer wanted to carry them, they lay down under a tree and fell asleep.

It was now the third morning that they had left their parents’ house. They continued to search for a way, getting deeper and deeper into the forest. And if help did not come soon, they would die. When it was noon, they saw a beautiful, snow-white bird sitting on a branch. It sang so sweetly that they stopped and listened to it. And when it had finished, it swung its wings and flew before them. They followed it until they came to a little house, on the roof of which it sat down.

When they came very near, they saw that the little house was made of bread and covered with cakes and the windows were made of sugar. “Let’s eat our fill of that,” said Hansel. “I want to try a piece from the roof. Gretel, you can nibble from the window, it tastes sweet.” Hansel reached up and broke off a bit of the roof to try how it tasted. And Gretel stood by the panes and crunched from them.

Then a voice called out from the parlour:

“Crispy, crispy, crispy-crouse ‒
who nibbles at my little house?”

The children answered,

“The wind you hear ‒
there is nothing to fear.”


Gretel and Hansel waited a moment and when everything remained quiet, they continued eating.

Then suddenly the door opened and an ancient, almost blind woman leaning on a crutch came out. Gretel and Hansel were so frightened that they dropped what they were holding in their hands. But the old woman wagged her head and said: “Well, dear children, who has brought you here? Come in and stay with me. No harm will come to you.” She took them both by the hand and led them into her little house. There a good meal was served, milk and pancakes with sugar, apples and nuts. Afterwards Gretel and Hansel were allowed to lie down in soft, white beds so that they thought they were in heaven.

But the old woman had only pretended to be friendly, because in her long life she had often been treated badly. People had annoyed her and been so angry with her that she was now taking revenge on them. So the next morning she seized Hansel, carried him into a small stable and locked him behind a barred door. He could scream all he wanted, but it was no use. Then she went to Gretel and demanded: “Fetch some water and cook something good for your brother. He is sitting outside in the stable and should get fat. When he is fat, I will eat him.” Gretel began to cry bitterly, but it was in vain. She had to do what was asked of her.

At this point you now make a very important decision:
The wounded wise old woman should heal -> please read on.
No, the evil witch should burn.

Gretel had already lost her mother, then her home and now her brother. Her heart became so heavy that she cried herself to sleep every night full of sorrow. One evening she suddenly heard a quiet voice in her heart saying: “Take your tears and wet the old woman’s eyes with them, so that she will begin to see again. Full of fear, Gretel crept to the old woman every night and very carefully, so that she wouldn’t wake up, she put her tears on her eyes.

Hansel was given the best food every day, but he didn’t like it. Every morning the old woman went to the stable and called out, “Hansel, stick out your finger so that I can feel whether you will soon be fat. But Hansel stuck out a little stick for her. And the old woman, whose eyes were dim at first, couldn’t make it out and thought it was Hansel’s finger. So she was surprised that Hansel didn’t want to get fat. But Hansel grieved in his heart and every time the old woman had been with him, his tears flowed from heaven. So it rained every day when the old woman returned from Hansel’s stable to her house and she got very wet every time.

This happened for many days and nights and gradually the old woman’s eyes improved. Her feelings were revived by the daily rain and compassion for the children began to stir in her, very tenderly at first. She saw Hansel hand her a little stick and acknowledged his resourcefulness. She felt Gretel’s love for her brother and could enjoy this purity. She also began to remember more and more of her original wisdom and eventually she freed Hansel from his stable and made peace with the children.

For seven months she now taught the children everything she knew again. Hansel learned to handle the fire of the stove and to be handy. Gretel was introduced to food preparation and learned how to use medicinal herbs. And when the time was up, she called the children to her to give them their parting gifts. Hansel received gold and pearls from her great treasure, as much as his pockets could hold. And Gretel received seeds of medicinal herbs to plant on her mother’s grave so that they would never run out again. The wise old woman also told the children to remember the way home and to describe it to their stepmother. The stepmother was then to come and visit them whenever she needed their support. How happy Gretel and Hansel were about all the good gifts. And at the same time they were sad to say goodbye, for they had grown very fond of the wise old woman in the meantime.

When Gretel and Hansel had been walking for a few hours, they came to a large body of water. It gurgled and splashed so that it sounded like sighs, as if it carried the sorrow of the whole world. “We can’t cross over,” said Hansel, “I don’t see any jetty or bridge.” “There is no boat here either,” answered Gretel, “but there is a white duck swimming; if I ask it, it will help us across.”

Then she called out:

“Duckling, duckling,
Here stand Gretel and Hansel.
There is no footbridge and no bridge,
Take us on your white back.”

The duckling approached. Hansel sat up and asked his sister to sit with him. “No,” Gretel replied, “that will be too hard for the duckling. Let him take us over one by one.” So the good little animal did. And when they were happily across and had walked on for a while, the forest seemed more and more familiar to them, and at last they saw their parents’ house from afar. Then they started to run, rushed into the parlour and fell around their parents’ necks. Hansel emptied his pockets of gold and pearls, Gretel planted the healing herbs on her mother’s grave, both told of the wise old woman and explained to their stepmother exactly the way to her. The whole family continued to be deeply attached to the wise old woman and the creatures of the forest. Then all worries were over and they lived happily ever after. And if they did not die, they are still alive today.

Questions about “Gretel and Hansel”

from “Ask Me Anything”, The new consciousness of “Gretel and Hansel” – AMA for parents.

In one sentence, what is “Gretel and Hansel” about?

“Gretel and Hansel” is a pictorial story of personality development through healing of the feminine, leading to the connection of the divine and the earthly in human transcendent consciousness.

What can be learned through “Gretel and Hansel”?

The inner peace can be felt that results from healing and integration, rather than the satisfaction of superiority that leads to inner separation in “Hansel and Gretel”.

The inner family members have different tasks. For the inner man, competition and detachment are part of his nature and he is balanced by the inner woman with caring and healing. All abilities are equally important, but while demarcation is directed outwards, care and healing turn first to one’s inner self and only then outwards.

The fairy tale revised from “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” is about the feminine aspect of consciousness, because with Gretel, the mother, the stepmother and most importantly the witch and the wise old woman respectively, female figures are in the foreground. Therefore, the message of the fairy tale must also correspond to the feminine nature of healing, instead of destroying the feminine and blocking universal love through inner separation.

According to Bettelheim, young children benefit enormously from listening to the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” because they learn that they can overcome hostility through rational thought. How does “Gretel and Hansel” address this issue?

If you first look at the original fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” rather superficially, the question arises: How does someone overcome hostilities by murdering someone?

On closer examination, however, it is about human consciousness. People often think that they can only solve problems with rationality without feelings, but this is wrong. If feelings are repressed, they merely find an unconscious way to show themselves, which can lead to emotional outbursts, for example. The solution is to heal the feelings.

In addition, all fairy tales and all explanations of fairy tales pass on the conventional low level of consciousness to the next generation. In particular, “Hansel and Gretel” passes on a real spiritual error: destroy the feminine. That’s why the Divine specifically led me into revising “Hansel and Gretel” into “Gretel and Hansel”.

What is the Final-Enlightenment movement about and can anyone and everyone join in?

The core message of the Final-Enlightenment movement is: Let universal love flow into yourself by restoring the connection between divine consciousness and ego, which means healing the feminine. Out of this inner surplus of love, universal love then flows to others. The soul wants to shape its healing love in the earthly.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join immediately and in the very long term everyone will go in this direction anyway. Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© is the new level of consciousness of humanity that is starting now with some people and spreading worldwide. That is why the Divine has led me into revising “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” because this fairy tale is known worldwide. “Gretel and Hansel” facilitates the development of the next generation.


Spiritual Path: “Gretel and Hansel” – Explanation

19f-Das Märchen „Hänsel und Gretel“ als „Gretel und Hänsel“ der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung

First of all: Why did I put the video and this page in the context of “Healing the World through Consciousness Development for India”? The Universal Plan proceeds from Divine to Earthly. That is why it started with the spiritual change of leadership from India to Berlin. The fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” is part of this healing of the world and continues the universal plan childlike-earthly into the feminine. The energetically charged snake image on the book cover heals the feminine in particular.

What contents of consciousness are addressed by “Gretel and Hansel”? Already the title contains a double message. Firstly, from “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” contains the change into the new age of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, which is based on the connection of divine to earthly through the feminine. That is why Gretel is now in the first place. Optionally, I use the title “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” to express the integration of the conventional or just “Gretel and Hansel” to emphasise the new.

Secondly, the title “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” expresses a change in consciousness through personality development, which is shown in the fairy tale. This corresponds to the regular case of personality development on the complete spiritual path. In the initial situation, the inner woman, symbolically as mother and stepmother, has died in her natural original form and is no longer connected with her feminine strength as well as the divine. Therefore she is overwhelmed and can neither hold her inner family(AL) together nor let the universal love flow through herself into it.

In the case of identification with an ego separated from the Divine, the direction of spiritual personality development is from earthly to Divine and corresponds to the three sections of the complete spiritual path as I describe them in my book “The Complete Spiritual Path”. This direction of development applies to all already somewhat older souls, while infant souls (New Age souls) follow the complete spiritual path in reverse order. Therefore, the fairy tale describes the change of consciousness for the already somewhat older souls.

The masculine is closer to the earthly, so at first Hansel takes the lead with good ideas (pebbles, pieces of bread). Later, Gretel knows better how to deal with the duckling because the feminine has better access to the emotional unconscious. Both are embedded in the whole at the same time and therefore also have direct divine access, Hansel via the rain and Gretel via the voice in her heart. The transitions are also fluid, so that both cooperate reciprocally.

With Gretel and Hansel, the inner child is already differentiated into female and male aspects, which emphasises the importance of this theme in this fairy tale. By the male aspect, which is separated from the divine, being more active at first and the divinely connected female taking over later, the personality development towards Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© is conveyed. However, as the focus at the end of the fairy tale remains with the earthly with childlike-tender universal connection, “Gretel and Hansel” describes the first in the transition to the second section of the complete spiritual path. Thus, starting from their current unconscious state, it leads people to the first to the second section of the complete spiritual path with the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

How is the personality development described in detail by “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel”? The lack of the ego separated from the divine is so great that a search is made in the unconscious in the dark forest. In the first attempt, however, the children do not dare to go deep enough and find their way back. The male aspect holds on to the structures in the form of pebbles. After the children return, everyone is relieved to be back in the familiar state of consciousness.

However, the lack of ego is so unbearable that the next and this time successful attempt at personality development is made. This time the feminine feelings in the form of soft, nourishing bread are held on to and the inner family(AL) ventures deeper into the unknown forest. The unconscious is engaged and this now supports the development of the personality. The birds pick up the pieces of bread, so that the way back is no longer found and instead it is penetrated deeper and deeper into the unconscious.

Birds as power animals are often messengers between people and the spiritual world. On the way there, the element of air with clarity and thoughts is in the foreground as the masculine focus. On the way back, the duck emphasises the element of water as the female focus. In this fairy tale, the birds lead into the spiritual world and also support us back to the earthly world.

The crunchy house stands for nourishment and, through its sweetness, for nourishment in the form of universal love. The wise old woman is the access to divine love. This fairy tale is about the female spiritual system of love healing. The feminine corresponds to the element of water, which is why the development of consciousness takes place through water. Within this feminine Spiritual System, again the feminine and masculine aspects are equally considered, in that Gretel at night (feminine) and Hansel during the day (masculine) both purify together with water (feminine) the access to the feminine Spirituality (wise old woman).

After the connection to the wise old woman has been established from the earthly via Hansel and Gretel and freed from old injuries, she now develops her original strength again. She teaches her wisdom according to the seven main chakras in a development cycle of seven months and supplies the inner family(AL) from her divine treasure as well as with her healing ability. The earthly inner family(AL) is nourished from the divine.

On the way back, Gretel and Hansel cross the water that contains the sorrow of the world. This refers to all the injuries and guilt of the feminine as a karmic layer of consciousness, which separate the divine from the earthly in a general human and individual way.

The individual consciousness of the fairy tale is now doing very well. The inner family (AL) is joyfully together again, they have greater abilities than before due to the apprenticeship of Gretel and Hansel, they have food, wealth and remedies and are rudimentarily connected to the divine via the feminine. However, the direct divine-earthly connection has yet to be made and is only healed in the continuation fairy tale “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman”. The healing power of the original mother is also included through the planting of seeds on her grave and the creatures of the forest are positively integrated.

In this way, “Hänsel und Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” conveys the development towards a complete, healthy and rudimentarily divinely-earthly connected consciousness. The universal whole led me specifically into a revision of this fairy tale because it supports the level of consciousness of the new age of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© with the divine-earthly connection as well as the healing of the feminine. The beginning flow of love from divine to earthly makes the inner family (AL) feel good. Therefore, this now lives in loving inner communion, but not yet quite stable reliable prosperity, because the direct divine-earthly connection via the inner woman is still missing.

“Then all worries were over and they lived happily ever after” only means that this important developmental step has been taken. The continuation fairy tale “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” is about the divine-earthly connection via the inner woman.

neues Zeitalter: die Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen Lyschamaya der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

On the fear of the old age: No one needs to be afraid of the new age, because it is supported by universal love. When the feminine is healed, it is not a threat to the old age, but the basis for a balanced centre and harmony. Witch burnings are behind us. Now it is about the positive values of the feminine.

What does the new species of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© mean?

Nothing more than that you too are being offered positive, fascinating experiences unknown to the old age. In close personal contact with the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© or accompanied by the consciousness coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© you too can reach the higher level of consciousness of the new age if you wish.

The evolutionary leap is not something to frighten anyone, but a great opportunity for each one of you and for humanity as a whole. Problems that have burdened humanity for millennia, or even those that are completely new, can now finally be solved. For example … read on under “new species of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©”.

My educational parenting guides for you: “EMDR for Babies – the Original”, “EMDR for Babies in Conversation”, “Harmonious Children’s Birthday: Community Building Group Games” (Developing Team Skills) and “Structured English Learning 1st-4th Grade”.

You can find an overview of my personal stories under “Experiences on the spiritual path”. Continue to Spiritual Masters and Gurus. See also Eckhart Tolle and Sri Chinmoy as well as Criticism of Enlightened Beings (e.g. Matthias Pöhm criticises Anssi Antila).

Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal EnlightenmentNew Age as Evolutionary Leap of Consciousness: The Healed and Transcended Inner Family(AL) Connected with Conventional Enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.


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33 thoughts on “New Consciousness – “Gretel and Hansel””

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Hello dear ones,
On my page “universal plan” under “How is the world changing?” I have described the coexistence of the people of the old age and the new species of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. To illustrate this, I have made a comparison with Neanderthal man and Homo Sapiens, who also led a coexistence until Neanderthal man finally died out.

At this point, I would like to make clear how this coexistence can look in practice. In the following, I therefore have comments from various social networks for you, most of which stick so rigidly to their old ideas and patterns that the result is a coexistence of the old and new ages instead of further development.
Kind regards from Ayleen Lyschamaya


“I interpret the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” as the unparental betrayal of one’s own children. The unparented betrayed children grow beyond themselves.”

This begs the question, why do parents betray their children? It is with this great deficiency of the ego separated from the universal that I start with “Gretel and Hansel”.

The solution of a fairy tale/consciousness cannot be that the childlike (Hansel and Gretel) part of consciousness grows so far beyond itself that it remains the only healthy one and thus “saves” the psyche, while the female parts of consciousness (mother, witch and stepmother) are suppressed.

“My interpretation of the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” is very rudimentary.”

You see mainly the strong inner child in the fairy tale and that is true. The consciousness from which “Hansel and Gretel” emanates has obviously already undergone an inner-child healing. From there we can continue with the healing of the feminine.


“Interpreted depth-psychologically, this fairy tale is incredibly comprehensive in its dynamics and holds a tragic understanding of life and roles in our development.”

Depth-psychologically means that one limits oneself only to the earthly part of consciousness. This is a pity because dealing with the witch has a much greater significance for the whole transcendent consciousness. It is about the basic theme of the divine-earthly separation in consciousness.

“Depth psychological” never means “only” but encompasses all the essential and existential processes of our soul. The witch therefore has a vile meaning, which does not mean that she can have other parts of life.”

Depth psychology captures the unconscious in a rather undifferentiated way, in which soul influences are also contained, but mostly rather not directly accessible. Depth psychology knows neither the contents/building blocks of the complete transcendental consciousness nor the different levels of consciousness or universal formative forces working from divine to earthly.

When contents of consciousness are interpreted as abominable, it means that they show up in violated form, their value is not recognised and instead of being further repressed, they need to be healed. The witch is not abhorrent but wounded and therefore needs healing in order to fulfil her very important function in consciousness.

“Depth-psychologically, the witch is abominable after all, but of course this has a cause. Mental injuries that then lead to destructive behaviour patterns, as in the case of the witch, are absolutely to be treated and healed – I agree with you.”

Then we agree. I have revised “Gretel and Hansel” so that it should lead precisely into this healing. All healing is from Divine to earthly through the universal flow of love.


“It is your subjective experience of this fairy tale. It sounds very much like you have a personal bad experience with this fairy tale. But there are also children (and adults) who love this fairy tale. They then have a personal positive experience. Therefore, one cannot generally say that “this” fairy tale harms the development of consciousness in general. It depends on the individual listener and the age. From a cultural-historical point of view, there are very interesting things in this fairy tale as it is. I watched your video and think that you had to “heal” your personal experience of this fairy tale. Your editing says nothing to me. (Personally, this fairy tale is not on my list of favourites either 😉 )”

If you look at the human body and say that it consists of head, torso, arms and legs, then that is both your subjective perception and an objective fact. This results in certain behaviours that are good for the body and others that are bad for it. It is the same with human consciousness. Just as behaviours that harm the body are widespread and many people like them, so it is with consciousness. Although “Hansel and Gretel” is detrimental to development, people can still like it.


“I don’t share your view either. I am a big fan of big powerful strong knowing women in fairy tales and myths. But your version has something of a reconciliatory therapeutic family constellation, so that the patchwork family can deal better with each other. That’s okay for real life. But fairy tales and myths are meant to convey something else. I don’t like it when fairy tales are told too analytically, of course there are psychological functions, developments and principles in fairy tales and these should not be disregarded when telling fairy tales. But the story serves that these processes mature internally. It is of course okay to put a different focus in stories …. but I do think that in this story the core lies elsewhere… it is a “coming of age” story. The focus on the old wise is – I think – not the core. Kitchen-psychologically the” children” have to gain distance/ (here by destroying/ burning the witch) to ” seductive things” (be it sugar stuff or sexuality dressed up as sugar stuff)… fire and burning allows for many different interpretations. But it is not always evil but often purifying and cleansing. Swans have always been a symbol of purity as an aspect of “virginity” (not in a patriarchal hymen-oriented context) but as part of a life cycle. But and that is the point they return matured, through their journey into abysses. Personally, I don’t like the fairy tale much. Even though it has quite a strong protagonist in Gretel… even though it seems very simple it is much more complex at second glance. I think you are a bit on the wrong track with your interpretation. I also find some side aspects difficult (why does Hansel get pearls and gold… the girl gets flower seeds… kind of like in real life… my feminist heart cries out – when you tell this aspect in fairy tales to children it manifests again the idea that money belongs to men… and women have other beautiful things and knowledge) Girls become great powerful wise women by experiencing their worth. Yes. Through knowledge and through appreciation (which is also monetary). And then they get to where we want women to be.”

In fairy tales and myths, the current collective state of consciousness is transported. Yes, processes are supposed to mature internally – and which ones? It is about healing, positive cooperation, completeness and peace in the developing consciousness. What else is it about? About separations, repressions, conflicts, struggle and annihilation?

It is not advisable to use the fairy tale as an educational measure against seduction, because at the same time it contains a much deeper harmful message of consciousness, so that one should rather resort to other educational measures.

Fire symbolises transformation in the male context, but repression in the female context. The female equivalent of fire is water.

Gretel does not receive flower seeds, but medicinal herb seeds. Not to value these as much as gold and pearls shows the disregard for female values in our culture. Incidentally, the fairy tale is about the consciousness of a person with their feminine and masculine aspects, which are potentially available to women and men alike to the fullest extent.

” “Fire symbolises transformation in the male context, but repression in the female context. The female equivalent of fire is water.” one of many possible interpretations! 😉
The association of fire and water comes from the Asian “Yin and Yan”. – Water -> female – yin! Fire -> male -> yan. There we have a collective consciousness. But just on one continent. It is similar here with the fairy tales, I absolutely agree with [name]! There is collective, and also individual. From a cultural-historical point of view, we end up in the archetypes, these are ancient and have – oh wonder – survived for centuries or millennia. And then come the individual expressions, according to culture, environment, i.e. nature, etc.etc.etc. And yes, there is “evil” in the world and it appears in fairy tales male and female 😉 “

There is individual, cultural collective and transcendent consciousness as such. Fire and water as symbolism belong to the latter and can therefore only be interpreted in this one form.
All evil in the world are design errors of universal love through blockages in consciousness.



“Honestly? I’m creeped out! I’m going with [name] and [name] and think that you’re just…healing yourself?… One more addition: How a fairy tale works also has a lot to do with the way it’s read or told. If you don’t like a fairy tale – take another one! Because if the presenter is not at peace and clear with himself or herself and the fairy tale – then it doesn’t work – and can certainly lead to negative listening experiences. I have often told Hansel and Gretel to kindergarten children – once even during a torchlight hike in the forest – because I accompanied the children years later, I know that none of them had a problem with the fairy tale. Maybe you just check yourself again personally without putting something over the fairy tale or others, because that has something of esoteric arrogance”.

Children do not have problems with fairy tales, but are given messages that guide their personality development in a certain direction. Thus the divine-earthly separation in consciousness is passed on from generation to generation by repressing the feminine. This is nothing but the justification of beating children by “it didn’t hurt me in the past either”.

“Ayleen Lyschamaya that is strong stuff and the comparison is flawed. If, of course, the finger is raised, as already mentioned above – here again: the effect of a fairy tale also has a lot to do with the way it is read or told. – … but that’s exactly what you’re doing here (pointing the finger) – think about it”.

This is not about a moral finger pointing, but about the higher level of consciousness of the new age with a complete transcendent consciousness, which the old age is blocking through “Hansel and Gretel”.

“… the current collective state of consciousness… soso.what would that be like? It’s interesting that a human being is able to judge that. Apart from that, I’m a fan of the individual. Moreover, the question then arises: Why are stories that happened more than 2000 years ago still valid today? In my opinion, because it’s about other individual aspects in fairy tales and myths. And yes. It is about separation, and loss, about disappointment, about illness, about love, about responsibility for each other, about death, always death, about pain, and the many ways of dealing with it. When someone dies, there is often no healing, there is often no peace. there is grief and loss, and pain and hopefully healing at some point. but it requires all aspects beforehand. A birth, as great as it can be, is always one on the edge of being here and over there. For many people, naked survival is still in the foreground, for many there is still hunger, war, powerlessness. pretending this doesn’t exist is an escape from reality. When you write fairy tales as an educational measure alone, it gives me the creeps. We no longer live in communities where fairy tales are educational measures. and I think that’s a good thing. because that has freed the individual… perhaps to the detriment that we no longer feel like a community. Fairy tales can be seen as a kind of magic mirror…. you see in them what you are capable of seeing at the moment. In some you grow, in others you close your eyes. In some you see nothing at all…. and that’s okay. You mention on the one hand that masculine and feminine aspects are in all of us. i completely agree with you. why then fire should only be masculine transcendence is beyond me…just as little that hansel and gretel should represent personal union. wouldn’t it then be conclusive in your version to speak of 1 person. i’m sorry, your version and interpretation doesn’t seem conclusive and logical to me. neither from the head nor from the heart. (as old-fashioned as that sounds) and I don’t feel any integration of masculine and feminine aspects. By the way, the little herbs in my garden are beautiful flowers.”

I recommend fairy tales precisely not as an educational measure, but for healing. Some old stories are no longer valid to the point of being false in the course of the collective development of consciousness. “Hansel and Gretel” in its conventional form belongs to such a story, which is detrimental to healing. That is why I have revised it out of the universal plan into “Gretel and Hansel”.


“The objective perception of the fairy tale is missing in your case, folkloric, historical etc.. It is merely an aspect of psychology, and subjective to that, your experience with the fairy tale, which is negative. To stay with your example, it is as if I look at a body and then give my subjective opinion on whether I like it or not. I can give you at least two cases where this fairy tale had a positive effect on children, where they could process something with it. Viewed objectively, it is not harmful! It depends on the narrator or the listener. In your interpretation, one notices that “femininity” is one of your very personal themes”.

Femininity is both my personal theme and my soul task for the healing of the world. The feminine is very important for the divine-earthly love connection in consciousness and therefore crucial for the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

Displacement is not a process, even though it may make a person feel temporarily better than before.

Incidentally, there is no objective perception, because everything is subjective consciousness:


“… Gretel planted the medicinal herbs on her mother’s grave, …”

“… Yes, that would be a beautiful ending to an old story, very much in the spirit of the female strength and power that had been killed off and thus lost. …”



“Ayleen Lyschamaya may I ask you what your background is that you make such bold theories?”

You can find a lot about my background here:


“The stepmother who sends the children into the forest to starve and blackmails the husband with questionable moralisms, that’s the good one. Interesting approach to a woman’s inner competence. Fortunately, I’m a man and don’t have to deal with the fact that the witch stands for overcoming a dysfunctional mother bond. Because, after all, the witch would be good at the bottom of her heart, if it weren’t for this thing with the annihilation of the feminine-powerful origin.

An interesting approach for those who think along these lines, but it has nothing to do with the fairy tale written down by the Grimms and all its predecessors. For a more in-depth study of mockumentary literature, I recommend the only scientifically researched truth (see link) or learning to read a Grimm fairy tale at the nearest adult education centre. It’s not hard, it doesn’t hurt, and it goes very quickly.

Dr. [name]”

The building blocks of complete transcendent consciousness are identical for all human beings, regardless of gender.


“Ayleen Lyschamaya understand, you have the absolute truth of the world as the sole enlightened one! I see. Well, a little hint: truly enlightened people would never claim something like that. But well, of course you can’t do anything about that with reason….. Endorse [name]’s comment…. 😉 “

“I am truly enlightened! What’s the point? Does anyone need reading lights?”

“Maybe we should just stop this discussion?
I don’t think this is going anywhere.”

People in the Stone Age could not imagine the technology we have today. Neither can people with the consciousness of the old age imagine the possibilities of the full transcendent consciousness of the new age.

While the average people of the old age identify with only their ego and also live this predominantly unconsciously, the Final Enlightened Ones(AL) deal with all the building blocks of their complete transcendental consciousness (embedding in the universal whole, divine consciousness part and soul, divine-earthly love flow connection, inner family(AL) consisting of inner child, inner woman and inner man with female and male karmic competence as well as anchored in the body).

In addition, the Final Enlightened Ones(AL) know the two vertical shaping forces for the four horizontal levels of consciousness as well as the universal laws of love shaping and love healing. The recognition and experience of the complete transcendental consciousness and its alignment from Divine to earthly is only Level 1, that is, the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© as such. The abilities of level 2, 3 and 4 are added on this basis to the same extent and just as inconceivably.

From this – for you completely unimaginable – consciousness ability distance to you, you should refrain from reproaches such as arrogance and instead gratefully accept the universal support in the form of “Gretel and Hansel”.

In the universal plan, the developmentally harmful fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” of the old age is to be replaced and spread by the healing fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” of the new age.
Kind regards from your Ayleen Lyschamaya


“That’s total bonkers! What do you want? To advertise yourself? Elevate yourself? Get a grip”

“How right you are! Please send me the instructions on how to build an aluminium hat and the link where I can sign a petition against Bill Gates!”

“[Name] Do you know a spell to drive away hideous troll women?”

The fear of the old age is very great. This is basically understandable, because the distance of consciousness is huge and even less new things already cause fear. But it is about nothing else than love and healing. Healing needs patience – the universe has this with you.


“Ayleen Lyschamaya do you really believe that you are right here in “this” group?

Whether your views are correct or not, I don’t think they really make sense in this group.
Even though we have different approaches and opinions among ourselves, we deal with fairy tales on a completely different level.

Perhaps you would like to leave your knowledge where it can be used?”

So you mean that the world as a whole should be left quietly with “Hansel and Gretel” at the conventional level of consciousness of the old age and the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© should keep to themselves? That would then be a variant of conventional enlightenment and not an evolutionary leap in development for all human beings, which affects humanity as a whole.

The new age is characterised by the divine-earthly connection and this is exactly what I live by addressing completely normal people interested in fairy tales. In this way I am already shaping the universal plan energetically into the earthly according to the universal laws from divine to earthly (completely independent of your reactions).

“No, I simply “mean” that we are dealing with completely different themes, that this is a group on a certain theme. The ” whole” may be more easily “illuminated” where it fits better.”

As the new level of consciousness goes beyond what has gone before, it is a very general challenge that I always have to create everything first, because nothing fits anymore. Basically I do that too, for example the profession “Consciousness Coach of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©”.

However, the universe is not interested in us pushing ahead as a separate group, but ultimately in taking all people with us. That’s why it’s important to make contact with appropriate impulses even where it doesn’t quite fit.

Gretel and Hansel” is particularly well suited for this because it starts with the familiar and thus makes the change particularly clear.


“The sweet house represents the seduction of children.”

This is an interpretation purely on the structural level. This is subordinate to the other levels of consciousness in full transcendental consciousness, so that these have a much stronger effect. That is to say, “Hansel and Gretel” in the conventional form perhaps deters from earthly seduction, but at the same time harms development on the higher levels of consciousness.


“I’m not denigrating your interpretation of the fairy tale.”

No, you are seriously dealing with it. I appreciate critical openness. More on critical openness:

“But the witch in the fairy tale world has nothing to do with the original female power. The witch in the real world has to do with the original feminine force.”

There is no distinction between the fairytale world and the real world because everything is consciousness:
Fairy tales represent consciousness as stories and the “real world” is the concrete visual model of our individual and collective shaping of consciousness.


“Puppi, you belong in some whacky esoteric group. You have no business here. You won’t find anyone who even remotely shares your view or wants to deal with it. Shoo. You have no business in this fairytale forest. Sincerely…”

You have long since come to terms with my fairy tale, so that the energetic effect of the universal design has already arrived. Your ego only gets your statements, but that is only a small part of what is already going on all the time. Do you seriously believe that I would still answer you if it did not have much more effect than you are noticing?

Paradigm shifts always trigger resistance at first and then finally establish themselves as the new common good. It just takes time – and yet it remains within the given time frame of the universal plan. At the moment, this plan only envisages establishing a connection between the divine and the earthly. That this triggers protests is normal.

“[…] The further answers hold on to the rigid structures and go into the karmic defence. Emphasis is placed on dealing with the Grimm fairy tales.”

By grappling with the Grimm fairy tale, you harm your own and the collective consciousness by consolidating blockages that need to be abandoned.

“[…] Another comment that desperately wants to get rid of me and claims to speak for the whole group right away.”

Why is it so important for some of you to get rid of me as quickly as possible? Why do some of you react in such an affected way to just a modified fairy tale? If you are supposedly so completely convinced by the Grimm fairy tale, why do some of you not manage to react calmly to my variation?

Such intense reactions show that “Gretel and Hansel” touched something in you that you continue to try to repress. I animate the divine feminine in you and so that it remains repressed, my fairy tale and I are to disappear.

But in fact you will no longer be able to read Hansel and Gretel without thinking of my fairy tale. In this way you will continue to deny the healing effect of “Gretel and Hansel”, but the blockade-stabilising effect of “Hansel and Gretel” will also no longer function. – A first step in the right direction.

“Now you have already earned a little respect from me. If you stand up for your point of view so vehemently with so little expertise and like your own posts every time so that at least someone likes it, wow, what self-confidence you have, I have to hand it to you!
I didn’t watch your video (or turned it off after the first few seconds) and I won’t watch it either, because what I read here in the comments is tough enough.
Keep on enlightening yourself and I just hope you don’t reach too many unstable people with it.”


“I have rarely heard such nonsense! ALso that some people have the tendency to retell famous fairy tales, well you can like it or not. But with presumption of total truth, and from the point of view of re-creation, that’s just megalomaniacal. Would guess a massive personality disorder, probably Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to the point of the so called “Messiah Syndrome”. I’ll add it to my collection, I’ve collected some cases where you can analyse the psychological problem from the type and content of the retelling. These are wonderful case studies 😉 “

I don’t get the impression that you understood the symbolism of the revised fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel”.

“I don’t get the impression that you have NOT understood the symbolism of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”.”

I haven’t even looked at the Grimm symbolism because it is completely irrelevant, since the source fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” is already catastrophically developmentally harmful.

But if you think “… from the nature and content of the retelling …” you should at least have understood the fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” and its symbolism.

For example, a narcissistic personality disorder results from a wounded/repressed inner child and a wounded/repressed inner woman with an overcompensating inner man and his male karmic system. In “Hansel and Gretel” as well as in “Gretel and Hansel” the inner child (in the form of Gretel and Hansel) is healthy. The inner woman, or rather the feminine as a whole, is already very hurt and in the Grimm fairy tale is to be completely repressed as the solution to all problems. This means that the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” of all things leads in the direction of a narcissistic personality disorder.

In contrast, “Gretel and Hansel” is about the healing of the feminine and thus about mental health. In addition, there is the first expansion of consciousness through the universal access of the wise old woman.

In the universal plan, the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” with its blockage of consciousness is replaced by the new fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” with the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

“If you see the symbolism in the Grimm’s fairy tale as irrelevant, and have “not even looked at it”, this is a contradiction to your view that it needs reworking, because you cannot assess whether it is harmful if you have not dealt with it. The clear narcissistic personality disorder (with messiah syndrome) can be deduced from your behaviour here and your website. Your fairy tale interpretation speaks of completely different disorders. Since this is not a self-help group, this cannot be a topic here. As has already been said, this is the wrong group for you. This is not about New Age, spiritualism or mental disorders. This is about fairy tales, stories and myths. There are fairy tale researchers, storytellers (with a lot of experience) and fairy tale writers here, who all deal with the subject matter professionally (sometimes at a high level). My recommendation, as I have said here before, stay away from drugs and urgently consult a professional!”

Dear [name], it is precisely for fairy tale researchers, storytellers (with a lot of experience) and fairy tale writers who deal intensively with fairy tales on a professional level (at the level of the old age) that the disillusionment with the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” is all the more important. These are the people who stabilise harmful blockages in their own consciousness through “Hansel and Gretel” and even pass them on to other people.

Your enumeration shows how important fairy tales are for people and how intensively they deal with fairy tales, so that the new “Gretel and Hansel” is a chance for the higher level of consciousness of the new age. It should be particularly interesting for fairy tale researchers to witness how a new fairy tale is being created and spread.

“You cannot judge what the experts need, because you have not dealt with the symbolism of the old fairy tale and consider it irrelevant. Also, your communication shows that you are not ready to enter into a dialogue because you have the sole truth. The first comments were a clear invitation to other members to engage in an exchange, which you have blocked. Therefore, take the narcissistic personality disorder and messiah syndrome somewhere else, not here!”


All right, [name], what is the positive meaning of the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” supposed to be?


“The fairytale world is the invented world. The real world is the experienced world. I agree, however, that everything is consciousness.”

Your distinction between the invented world and the experienced world is felt by people when they perceive only the structural level. However, when you design from the universal origin across all four levels of consciousness from Divine to Earthly, the structural level is no longer experienced as real in the sense that it is also invented. The distinction lies more in the fact that a fairy tale is initially only realised as far as thoughts and feelings, whereas the “real” world reaches into matter.

However, if we consider that the divine-earthly shaping of consciousness from the universal is finally expressed in the material-earthly via the thought structures and feeling patterns, it is only a question of a temporal delay until the fairy tale becomes the experienced world.

When we immerse ourselves in a fairy tale, we create this world as a reality first in our consciousness and finally as an experienced reality. What we create in our consciousness will eventually express itself as an experiential reality. This is exactly what the universally vivid learning model world is based on.

“The fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” did not happen in the real world. Fairy tales are the archetypal reality.”
I like your term archetypal reality. However, the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” did indeed happen in the real world in exactly the same way and is still happening. This separation between the divine and the earthly with the suppression of the female access to the universal is the current worldwide state of consciousness, which is continuously stabilised by this fairy tale, which is also spread all over the world. That is why it is so incredibly important to change the archetypal reality through the new “Gretel and Hansel” so that it then becomes a lived reality.

If one sees the present state of consciousness as the half-time of evolution, the soul has first gone to the earthly in order to experience this state of consciousness. Now, as the second half of evolution, the divine-earthly connection is to be developed in consciousness through the healing of the feminine, in order to then shape the earthly from divine to earthly.


“Some experts have begun to respond to this in the comments above. There was also a highly interesting book tip. This discussion was blocked by you. If you are seriously interested in answers, ask the above experts and get the exchange going again, if you are willing and able to exchange.”

Dear [name],
if you indeed see more than fear, defensiveness and attacks in the comments so far [refers to this one group, the positive statements on this page came from other groups], I would like to ask you to briefly summarise for me what answers were given to the questions:

1) What is the positive meaning of the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”?

2) What technical points were raised, either from a fairy-tale scientific point of view or just openly, about the symbolism of my “Gretel and Hansel” in connection with the new consciousness?

Do you dare, gladly also with the support of the others, to really discuss the fairy tales in comparison?
Kind regards from your Ayleen

“Certainly I dare to do so, but that’s not the point. My field is psychology, where I also work with fairy tales, and therefore I very much appreciate the discussions of fairy tale experts here, even if they have different views. If you have questions about history and symbolism, you need to engage in an open exchange with the storytellers and researchers, which you have not done. You blocked the invitation to exchange above because you consider the symbolism and history of the old fairy tale to be irrelavant quote you: “…Grimm’s symbolism has not even been looked at because it is completely irrelevant…”. There lies the error! If you think it needs changing, you have to be familiar with the object you want to change. If I put a change in a group of experts there will be a discussion! (Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis). Every time has a changed consciousness. What you specifically mean by that cannot and should not be a topic here in the group, that belongs in a New Age, eso group or similar, not in the fairy tale group. And precisely because every time has a new consciousness, it is exciting that there are archetypes that outlast every time!

So, you should really want an exchange about fairy tales and be ready to jump over narcism and messianism and be open to other views, research results and experiences, and ask the storytellers and researchers. You should also read the recommended book. If you are about esotericism, therapy or the like, this is the wrong group!”

If your field is psychology and you work with fairy tales, it is even more important that you know their meaning and what you are doing in the consciousness of your clients. Whether we are talking about symbolism or archetypes does not change the question: what is the positive meaning of the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”? More specifically: What do you use it for? What do you want to achieve with your clients?

My standard is the complete transcendental consciousness of the new age. That’s what I measure the Grimm fairy tale against and that’s what it fails as being extremely harmful. However, I am prepared to discuss interpretations of “Hansel and Gretel” (whether psychological, archetypal or symbolic) with you if you tell me what the positive aspects of the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” are. Then I can justify to you how these interpretations are seen from the new consciousness.

By what standard do you measure the fairy tale? What objective do you want to achieve? How do you achieve it? Why do you think that your psychological use of the fairy tale is working in the right direction?

So far you are obviously avoiding a substantive discussion by constantly writing that I supposedly don’t want to discuss, instead of answering my questions that have already opened a discussion.

If you know anything about psychology, you should notice that you avoid answering my questions. There is exactly one reason for that: the moment you actually deal with them, your safely tucked away repressions will come up and you are afraid of that.

Do you have the courage to face a discussion?

“Go away……you are evil ;)”

I know you would love to oust me too, like the Divine Feminine in the Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” – but that no longer works with the new age. The universal plan has already progressed so far that the shift to universal feminine leadership has already taken place.


Do you have the courage to face a discussion? – Apparently the fear was greater:

“Narcissism, Messiah Syndrome, not ready to go into an EXCHANGE. Alright!”

“There’s enough commentary and it’s going nowhere. We are getting away from the fairy tale. I’ll end the comments.”

If a modern day person were to time travel back to the stone age, people back then would probably also get scared of everything and think a computer, a car or even just a bicycle was magic and magical dazzle. Since the end of the Stone Age about 4000 years ago, Stone Age people have evolved to today’s level of consciousness. For today’s people, too, the complete transcendent consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© will at some point be nothing more than normal.

Until then, in order not to harm other people at least, you should stop using all fairy tales in which first the feminine is portrayed as evil and then “the evil feminine” is destroyed.

So far you have passed on the Grimm fairy tale with the best of intentions. But from now on you know that it is harmful. If you continue to use it, you will have to karmically compensate for it later.

Moreover, you are expected to pass on this warning, even though it may not convince you, so that other people can form their own opinion.


“The source for the embodiment of the negative mother by the witch in the fairy tales is the fairy tale “The Iron Furnace” discussed in the book “Narcissism: The Inner Prison” by Heinz-Peter Röhr. But I have to admit that the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” is special. There is a dead mother and a wicked stepmother and a witch in the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel.””

The fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” is also special from a universal point of view. At the same time, unfortunately, the dire state of womanhood is indeed quite realistic. That is why it is all the more important to find a better solution with the new age than to suppress the adult female altogether. Only Gretel, who as a child has no adult creative power, was allowed to remain in the old age.

“According to this statement: “The conventional fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” harms the development of consciousness … ” generations of people would have to be disturbed in their development of consciousness …”

Yes, that is exactly how it is. Only the divine-earthly blockade in consciousness has been considered normal until now.


Person 1: “Hello Ayleen Lyschamay. When you joined the fairy tale group on Facebook, you agreed to the group rules. It says the following: “4. if you want to post something from this group somewhere else, you have to ask the author first! You have published comments from other users about your contribution to the group on your website without asking the authors first and have thus violated point 4. Ask the authors of the comments for permission or delete the comments. There have been complaints about this.
Yours sincerely [Person1] (an admin of the fairy tale group)”

Good day [Person1],
Simple comments are not copyright material. However, I am happy to quote the person who complained. I have refrained from doing so in order not to embarrass anyone.

However, the mere fact that the person feels attacked and embarrassed by their own comments should make them reconsider what they have said. In such a case, I am at liberty to respond publicly.

However, if it is one of the friendly comments, then the person would have to tell me which one it is and I will remove it. In that case, I cannot understand what their wish to remove is based on, but I will respect it.

Otherwise, I assume that [Person2] (if I remember the name correctly) has complained because she called me a few days ago very upset. If she hadn’t hung up immediately after her rant, it would have been possible for me to find out what she was actually talking about.

Yours sincerely
Ayleen Lyschamaya

Person 3: “Good day Ayleen Lyschamay. When you joined the fairy tale group on Facebook, you agreed to the group rules. It says the following: “4. if you want to post something from this group somewhere else, you have to ask the author first!” You have published comments from other users about your contribution to the group on your website without asking the authors first and have thus violated point 4. Ask the authors of the comments for permission or delete the comments. Yours sincerely [Person3]”.

Hello [Person3],
I haven’t quoted anyone so as not to embarrass anyone. However, if you like, I will add your names, provided you tell me who posted what. Otherwise, I have taken your comments to my page in order to transform the negative energy in most cases. Until that happens, they will stay there. On the other hand, I will remove positive comments if you wish. Of course you are free to exclude me from your group if you see a problem with your rules.
Greetings Ayleen

Person 3: “Dear Ayleen, there is a copyright and the quotes are subject to it. So if you don’t have the permission of the author to publish the quotes, remove them! Greetings [Person3]
P.S. You write “your.” I can’t speak for the individual commenters, so you have to get permission individually.”

Copyright applies to content of value, but not to general statements – and then it’s just a matter of quoting appropriately. I am of course willing to do that. But those would have to get back to me because I can’t attribute the comments that way.

In fact, I have only refrained from quoting people in order to protect them. Because if, for example, a potential employer googled the name, these comments would be found on my page. Some of them are such nonsense that I wanted to spare the people concerned this.

Precisely because there is so much nonsense, there is a good chance that the universe will want the comments deleted after a certain time. In any case, that would not be the first time.

Until then, those affected have the chance to find out why they are reacting so violently. If they stand by their content internally, they shouldn’t really mind their anonymous comments on my website. Their choice is to be on my website with or without a name. The rest is up to the universe.


Person 4: “FYI: The author of this post has been removed from the group. She has posted comments from this contribution on her website without first asking the authors for permission and has thus violated point 4 of the agreed group rules. She does not want to comply with the objective request to remove the comments from the website or to ask the authors for permission beforehand. The comments can be found here;…/…”

From a universal perspective, this group is just transforming into pure joy because of a stable soul connection.


Person 1: Your enthusiasm in all honour – only the really archetypal deep meaning of the former teaching pieces is completely lost. Fairy tales are more than stories and their archaic transpersonal symbolism is more needed now than ever in a completely uprooted time. Please do not take it as destructive criticism 😉

Person 2: Perhaps old and new interpretations can be presented together, a changing archetypal impression will also be an expression of evolving consciousness. I find the idea of rewriting fairy tales quite exciting 🙂 .

Person 1: The scene in which the witch lands in the oven is incredibly important with its symbolism. It describes the moment of the hero’s journey in which the sun of transformation emerges from the deepest night through the inner fire of catharsis, not to speak of which inner transpersonal archetype the old woman in the story really is. She is in fact part of the children – the one who prevents them from returning home strengthened, just as their parents are the “call” that sends them out of their comfort zone into the (inner) wilderness. No average person would do that voluntarily.
New fairy tales gladly – but without diluting the old ones in their content.
From my perspective, it makes more sense to teach people again how to understand these images. It’s not about burning a poor old woman with questionable eating habits in a huge oven, still less about depicting violence for violence’s sake 😉 . It’s a parable.

Hi Person 1,
I totally agree with you to perceive the fairy tales in their deep meaning. But this deep meaning is determined by the previous level of consciousness.
The present time is completely uprooted because the collective consciousness is currently evolving by leaps and bounds. Holding on to the old does not help in this case, quite the opposite. That is why it is so important to use archetypal transpersonal symbolism in a purposeful way. This is now possible because the complete transcendental consciousness is known individually and collectively. It is precisely with this information that I help people especially in these difficult times.
I use the deep meaning of fairy tales to heal the old and to bring the new to the people.
Kind regards from your Ayleen

Hello person 2,
your suggestion to combine old and new interpretations sounds good, but it is still not feasible. The old age mediates a separation between divine and earthly in consciousness, while the new age experiences the evolutionary leap through the connection of divine and earthly in consciousness. For this purpose, I take as my starting point the well-known Hansel and Gretel, so that through the modification and the continuation fairy tales, one can see all the more clearly what the development of consciousness consists of.

Best wishes from your Ayleen

Person 1:
What is this New Age drivel… Don’t pervert our fairy tales for this Luciferian cheese.

Person 2 (Administrator):
Final warning Ayleen Lyschamaya: Any more radical feminist bullshit like that and you’re out of the group.

Person 3:
Thank you very much for the comment and link. I think it’s very good that even and especially today’s times can and must bring forth new stories.

My answer to person 3:
Dear …,

Thank you very much for your courageous comment in view of the previous one.
Best regards from your Ayleen

My response to the first two persons:
Destroying the feminine as a witch is the perversion.
By the way, it’s not about feminism, it’s about consciousness development.

Person 2:
The witch is the form of the feminine like the Emperor from Star Wars is the dark side of the human.

Destroying the dark, i.e. repressing it, merely frightens and empowers it. It is much more important to see the valuable in the dark, to heal it and to integrate it.

For more on the five new age fairy tales, see my new age fairy tales page.

Ahead, an attuning video:

1.12.2020, New Age “World Love” 3 (from the Christmas Project 2020)


Hello, dear ones,
Christmas time is fairy tale time. What could be better than to spend some time together with them? I would like to spend the next three Sundays in Advent with you for an hour each. The aim is to exchange experiences, answer questions, discuss the perceived effect or just to be together in a cosy atmosphere.

Thanks to the current ePub campaign, you can obtain the fairy tales of the new age at a very favourable price. But if you perhaps only want to read the first fairy tale Gretel and Hansel, you can find it on my website (this site).

The Fairy Tale Talks will take place on the next three Sundays in Advent (6/13/20 Dec) at 5pm each day here on Facebook. As only a limited number of people can take part, I would like to ask you to let me know well in advance if you would like to be there.

Kind regards from Ayleen Lyschamaya


6.12.2020, New Age “World Love” 8
Hello dear ones,
Our Fairy Tale Talk will take place this afternoon at 5.00 pm.
As a treat for St. Nicholas and to get you in the mood for later, I have attached the Gretel and Hansel video for you:

Kind regards from Ayleen Lyschamaya

If you want the Fairytale Forest to continue, you should keep an open mind and at least keep the possibility open for the fairytales of the new age. The new fairy tales are already spreading and will additionally spread so fast in the near future that this will otherwise mean the end of the Fairy Tale Forest as obsolete.
Kind regards your Ayleen Lyschamaya

The Fairytale Forest was already out of date the day it opened. That’s exactly the intention… I have no idea why you think it’s under attack. It’s not: you’re really the only person I’ve heard say anything about this in my whole life.

My response:
“Under fire” is not what I want to call it, but out of step with the level of consciousness of the new age. Fairy tales themselves are not outdated, but some fairy tales that are detrimental to the now fully recognised transcendental consciousness are. If the purveyors of fairy tales cannot differentiate in this respect, they will appear incompetent to the “laymen” who are already engaging with the new fairy tales.

But there are already many new fairy tales. For example, The Ice Queen. And in these films everything is different from the old fairy tales. That proves that people actually like it when everything is different and modern. But even if there are new fairy tales, the old ones still exist. Because people love the horror elements in them. When you take that away, you take away the fun. I like old and new fairy tales. Good luck with your mission. The chance of world peace breaking out is greater than these fairy tales disappearing, I personally think.

My answer:
Fairy tales are expressions of consciousness. My support helps to heal the horror in consciousness so that the inappropriate fairy tales will disappear all by themselves without continuing resonance. What matters is not old or new per se, but what message the fairy tales convey.
In fact, world peace and the collective level of consciousness belong directly together. Probably not tomorrow, but certainly in the foreseeable future, much will change for the better here in the world. My fairy tales are one starting point among others.


My reply to a Facebook comment:

Dear [name],
This is the first time I have heard your idea that children could feel guilty for the death of the witch. However, it is very plausible and consistent with the build-up of consciousness, so I think it is quite possible. The fire symbolism, on the other hand, is misapplied. It took me several pages in my storybook to correct all the false statements of the old age 😉 .

As human psyche, mirrored in the outside, the inner family(AL) basically consists of the three persons inner child, inner woman and inner man. In addition, however, these can be differentiated into delicate and strong as well as spiritual, dignified, soulful, self-confident and down-to-earth inner woman and mental body inner man and down-to-earth inner man. In fairy tales the inner child is divided into a female and male aspect and the witch / wise old woman is added as a female universal access that goes beyond the earthly consciousness part.
Best wishes from your Ayleen