Auditive EMDR(AL)

Auditory EMDR therapy(AL) or auditory EMDR coaching(AL) – totally underestimated

Since the publication of my professional article “Auditive EMDR therapy for developmental disorders” in Paracelsus magazine 4/2012, my parenting guide “EMDR for babies” 2014 and my professional article “Transcendent healing: Spiritual EMDR transcends everyday consciousness” in the association magazine Freier Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und psychologischer Berater e.V., issue 2/2016, the application possibilities of EMDR have been expanded more and more. Nevertheless, auditory and tactile bilateral stimulation as forms of EMDR are only mentioned by professionals (internet status 2/2020) or even wrongly recommended (see my explanation of emdria e.V. on my page EMDR for babies – the original).

This does not do justice to the great positive importance of auditory and tactile EMDR. After all, they cover very important issues. Tactile EMDR focuses on coming to earth, whether as a toddler soul or New Age soul or as a baby. It is about the connection down to the earthly, into the body.

Auditory EMDR emphasises the feminine. It appeals more to the inner woman and therefore promotes the personality development of children, especially at primary school age. Klaus, whose developmental disorder was described in Paracelsus magazine, has since passed his school-leaving examination with a grade of 1.6. See also auditory EMDR coaching(AL).

If someone wants to develop spiritually, auditory EMDR as “Spiritual EMDR” makes embedding in the universal whole possible. For this purpose, the am-target-enlightened© Spiritual Master Sascha Herwig composed special bilateral music for the different levels of consciousness (philosophy of consciousness) of transcendent people.

Erasing Guilt – Living Love – Practice© and Spiritual EMDR(AL) are the two main methods to reach the higher level of consciousness of the new age.


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